Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-18-19

And A Stormy, Swampy Monday It Was

'ENDGAME : POTUS Trump's Vindication Nears'; git yer REX on with this spot-on op-ed:

Sorcha Fal (Putin); 'Trump Moves In For Kill Against Tech Giants' - and so it is:

Ode To  Bozo, a C_A ASSet; the closing video is priceless; Git sum bovine ejecta, brah:

Praying Medic decodes the Maestro; a short, sweet video w/an Amy Goodman chaser:
'America's Existential Fight Against the Forces of Consummate Evil'; no exaggeration:

AG Barr will bring down the ‘house’ in the next week; Lg. size Costco organic popcorn -git sum

The Woo Woo’s done Woke! Git sum Patriotic Chan Chatter on GOaG, pardners:

Zero Hedge is very astute in realms financial, here in the Galaxy that laid the Golden Egg:

I'm re-posting this from Sandra Walter 'cause it's spot on in my multi-dimensional view: grokkable:

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