Monday, March 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-10-19

Why Do I Feel Like A Galactic Enzyme?

Q's Making The Front Pages Folks; this shit be gettin' real REAL, if ya get my drift:

Adamu Speaks - The Ancient Red Vampire Update, complete with channelling wiener dogs; git sum:

The take down is hotting up, folks; POTUS tweeted a reference to Jordan yesterday:

 We're in a very hot conflict to save the planet, folks; eyes open and if you see something...:

Yeah, they're a bunch of unabashed cuddle-bunnies over at the GAoG spread; 5-All of the above:

Some more back story from White Hats; back to geopolitical school, young’ns:
Good stuff from James Gilliland out at the ECETI Ranch; drop on by and say Hi:

More welcome Energy shift-spotting from the voices in Tiffany Stiles' head:

Oy Vey! I'm about ready for some soothing, calming Angelic Insight; beam on in:

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