Saturday, March 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-24-19

Did You Get This Super Equinox Download? 


 Bro Beckow does the dig to help us all understand that omnipresent ringing sound in our heads:

 Macron is in such deep denial he doesn't realize just how burnt his own toast is; terminal myopia:

Live fire ‘drills’ are dress rehearsals  for future false flag attacks; these people are very sick:

 This 2 year old clip from David Icke totally nails the workings of the satanic pedo-hierarchy:

 The EU begins it's well deserved dissolution as Italy jumps ship to join the GESARA Parade:

The Brexit Hammer is about to drop on the Fourth Reich causing Mega-Panic in the Euro-Swamp:

Cabal plans for using the Ukraine as their Khazarian ‘homeland’ likely won’t pan out:  

Thanks to Era of Light for posting this seminal channelled material from Barbara Merciniak:


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