Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-21-19

We Live In The Time Of Many Booms

Foxy Lady Jeanine gets slammed for truth-telling and POTUS looks to Justice and FCC for remedies:

The corner office folks at Facebook are jumping off the sinking SS Alphabet Soup; moar popcorn:

The disgusting anatomy of a desperate Cabal False Flag operation; quoth Q "Ammo is hard to find":

The corrupt American media, the corrupt Venezuelan elite, and the corrupt US politicians keep lying through their teeth. A British and a Venezuelan team up and expose the liars.No regime change here: 

This dark, satanic rabbit hole winds all the way to New Zealand; Kiwis don’t deserve this and Q gets props from Uncle Vlad. Truly, Sorcha is rippin' it up on my truth-o-meter; highly grokkable intel:

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