Monday, March 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-11-19

The Magic Kingdom's Coming Down 

Illuminati spawn attempting to cultivate a compassionate public image for damage control only:

Wheat Belly and now Gluten Brain; wheat - the Frankengrain that keeps on crippling:

Recent Q drops are pointing to March Madness as the hammer drops: MOAR POPCORN:

PCR is an astute dude who divests himself of presumptive thinking on a regular basis; good hygiene:

For those of you who struggled with the first SenateAnon thread, here's the corrected full text:

The CIA Afghani heroin plantations are about to be shut down; there goes another Cabal piggy-bank:

Team Dark taboos are popping like mega zits; nothing is ‘off limits’ to the citizen journalists:

Creator gives us a refreshing take on suiting up and showing up; it's all up to us. Kek:

 Finally something believable from the NOAA nerds here in Boulder; git sum Cetacean frolic on: 

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