Monday, March 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-4-19

The Perfect New Moon

for Some Serious Swamp Drainin' 


Here's Stephanie Austin's  Eco Astrology Update for a very auspicious New Moon; mondo grokko:

 For Martin Fritter; Sail on Sailor:

Brenda opines on doing skillful social work with Awakening Ones; heart felt caution is advised: 

 Occasionally, Marlene brings a clear message through from Master Hilarion; gotta loose the artwork:

This message from Ann and the Angels was so sweet and real I just had to post the whole thing:

This is a seriously funny Q Decode from IPOT; thanks to KP for the heads-up. Mahalo:

This just in from our FL stringer Maria/Lightlover164; raw, unedited channelling for you to ponder:

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