Saturday, March 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-28-19

Tear Down The Wall!

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame leads us off today with a little vlog rant from the Andes Mtns.:

Pushers of weaponized fast foods are systemically rejected by Bolivians and Pachamama:

'The Great Fraud of National Zionism' wherein The Saker unpacks the real 9/11 backstory; git sum:

What’s in your tap water?  Who put it there?  Do you know what it really does to you?

Caitlin Johnstone covers the weaponization of western media used to induce mass delusion:

Well, well the Truth is bustin' out all over this Spring; best laid plans going down like planes:

The [Clinton Foundation] is squarely in the Alliance sights now; public attention is focused; Finally:

True Massholes will totally get this little news tidbit from New England; blood-soaked bedrock et al:

The 9/11 false flag attack was seen well ahead of time by a remote viewer as reported here; grok sum:

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