Saturday, March 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-8-19

Greetings From The Mother

The Divine Feminine was palpably overshadowing this Candace Owens Show w/Roseanne Barr:

Thanks to GAoG for this oh so appropriate posting; nice dig, FemAnon:

Sadly, the first US female combat fighter pilot reveals her sex abuse by superior officer; gutsy:

Women are waking up to the horror of ineffective and dangerous vaccines in increasing numbers:

It takes a while to grok this writers 'take' on the subject of Depression; there is much wisdom here:

This reminds me of that old Joe Jackson song 'Every Thing Gives You Cancer; not a chart-topper:

Dianne Canfeild provides us with an engaging message from The Council of Planetary Light:

We wrap it up today with the latest from the always engaging Creator Writings; enjoy:

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