Saturday, March 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-30-19

Surprise, Surprise

YOU Are The ONE!

Lord Buddha knew all about the Matrix over 2500 years ago; he called it Maya/Illusory reality:

Topical and well presented, enjoy this from Jordan, The Organic News Anchor; roll it:

We do need to understand the truly Evil nature of the Deep State Hydra-headed Beast:

The coming exposure of the 9-11 Conspiracy is going to finally bring the real perps to Justice:

Yup, I guess they really had to go this far to get every ones attention; stop the vaccine insanity:

Good Reptilian disclosure re-cap from Fitzgerald; fine dot connecting from the Celts: no BS here;

 Follow the $ right up the billionair food chain 'til you encounter the Lizzies; Clawback time:

Full chemtrail disclosure is the only cure for this world-wide affliction on Gaia's atmosphere:

Kids From Brixton get a UB40 razor cut on the fly; you humans are endlessly innovative: 

One Anon walked the entire waiting line for last nights Trump rally carrying a sign; Dig: 

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