Friday, March 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-23-19

 Bulletins Just In From My Gut Biome...

Micro biota R Us in more ways than we'd care to imagine; 'gut instinct' is Intuition:

Latest download from Morag; Super Moons, solar storms and gurgling swamps, oh my:

The Federal Judiciary is starting to oppose Big Oil; cleanup of DOJ swamp starting to bear fruit:

 Full Frontal Ben rocks with a predominantly truthful week full of current events insights; Popcorn:

Gillian MacBeth Louthan dreams us a very interesting and timely channelled message,Wooo Wooo: 

Shout out to Jon for disclosing this dastardly bit-'o-dirt on Big Pharma; these #'s blow me away: 

A short informative video by CE's Joe Martino who explains POTUS with help from Rosanne:

Thanks to KP for highlighting the iPOT videos; this is some of the best Q-'splainin out there:

While praising redpill video producers I would remiss if I didn't show Praying Medic some Love:

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