Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-27-19

 Anybody Seen RBG Lately?

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After being sighted that weekend at Bernie's she's only 'rolled out' occasionally; KEK:

The Deep State is truly panicking, rushing out fascist population control scams too early:

The stonewall of tainted science protecting the purveyors of EMF smog is finally coming down:

Here's another article postulating the essential, illusory nature of our perceived 'reality'; Ayup:

Sanity is safe and sound on the Rez as demonstrated by the righteous actions of the Navajo Tribe:

I'm really noticing an uptick of news items with a pronounced Gaia-friendly theme; Finally: 

A mini-rant (under 4 minutes!) from lionhearted Lionel on the judicial travesty in Chicago; git sum:

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