Monday, March 25, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-25-19

The Hathors Are Singing Back-Up

At Gaia's Ascension Party

Enjoy this latest message from The Hathors via Tom Kenyon - A Song of Gratitude to the Earth:

Here's Suzanne Maresca from GAoG with another take on the Sounds Celestial; grok sum:

More uncomfortable truths emerging about bad behavior in the Holy Land; Oy Veh!:

Dawning realization of the larger nature of our old Earth School 'holo-program' is goin' viral:

And this just in from that Brutha From Another Galaxy, courtesy of Morag O'Brien:

Why, I think it's Mueller Time folks and things are hottin' up real good, if ya catch my drift:

Always leave 'em laughing; IPOT made this hilarious, Q-centric little video; Git Sum:

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