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The Arcturians: WillThe Real World Step Forward?

Through Suzanne Lie On 2-26-19

Once you begin your process of inter-dimensional experiences and perceptions, your inner SELF starts a questioning battle of, “Will the REAL world step forward?”

However, there are many “real worlds” that resonate to different frequencies of reality. The lowest frequencies of reality are led by those who need to have Power Over others. On the other hand, finding one’s Power Within, and using it for the good of ALL, is one of the highest frequencies of reality.

At first, one may accidentally expand their consciousness into higher dimensions. Then, their process will slowly or quickly expand into the NOW for them to progress into the next, very important phase.

In this phase of awakening, they will quickly, or slowly, realize that they need to maintain a higher dimensional state of consciousness. As they begin to focus on their “state of consciousness” they move into their process of ongoing initiations.

An “initiation” is not a punishment. Instead, initiation is an event, a meditation, an experience, a dream, a thought, or even an emotion that brings you into the realization that YOU are not Alone.

It is at this point that you begin to perceive, dream of, and/or ponder the higher dimensions of reality. As you begin to perceive the higher dimensional realities, you will discover that you can actually meet with your own higher expressions of SELF.

And, yes, you have many higher expressions of your true, Multidimensional SELF. In fact, each of your higher expressions of SELF is attached to, and/or in alignment with, a version of your greater Multidimensional SELF.

As you become more intimately aware of the members of your Multidimensional SELF, you will realize that they are continually assisting you to expand the frequencies of reality to which you can have a conscious contact.

As you move into the phase of awakening in which you feel that you are being over-lit by higher dimensional beings, some of these beings are your own Higher SELF, and some are beings that are friends and family of your own Higher SELF.

It is with this phase of awakening that you will begin to be able to consciously receive information from these higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. We suggest that you allow your third-dimensional physical self to communicate with your higher dimensional consciousness on a daily schedule.

If you “schedule” a certain time and place to allow your self to communicate with your SELF, a certain inner feeling will come into your physical body and consciousness that will seem to be telling you that there is an “incoming message” from your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Yes, most of you will have what we call a “go-between” Galactic being, such as we the Arcturians and/or the Pleiadians. We say “and/or” because we the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are so deeply aligned within our service to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension, that we interface with each other as if we are ONE Being.

Of course, when we observe humanity from the sixth dimension and beyond, we are able to perceive what may appear to be a “multidimensional stairway” on which each frequency of your Multidimensional SELF has placed their energy field.

These Inter-dimensional energy fields will awaken, activate, and communicate with each of the many frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Each of the frequencies of your multidimensional SELF can then better communicate with and assist Gaia as She goes through Her Planetary Ascension.

Then, the earth vessel that you are now wearing, can interface more deeply with Gaia. It is through this deep connection of person and planet, that the process of Planetary Ascension and Human Ascension will begin.

Most of our brave Galactic Warriors who have chosen to take an earth body in order to more directly assist Gaia are beginning to fully awaken to their “Chosen Mission.” Your Chosen Mission is what you promised to fulfill before you took your current, third-dimensional earth vessel.

It was a GREAT sacrifice for your fifth dimensional (and beyond) Galactic SELF to incarnate into a third-dimensional, physical vessel on a planet that was in VERY grave danger of being destroyed by its human occupants.

Yes, we say “human occupants,” as humans are the ones who set off the bombs, sully the waterways and great oceans, taint the skies, and start the fires that destroy that which Gaia has spent eons constructing.

It is for this reason, that we, your Galactic Family, are putting out an SOS to our grounded ones to PLEASE step up whatever services you are offering to Gaia and all Her inhabitants to assist Gaia in Her time of GREAT NEED. Humanity is the primary reason for ALL the problems that Gaia has been suffering.

“But why would humans want to destroy their own home?” we hear you ask. We, the Arcturians and Pleiadians, could answer that question for you, but in order to save Earth from sure planetary destruction, which is basically ALL due to humanity, humanity’s greed and need for “power over others” but recognized, and totally ended.

We, the Galactics are very aware that GREED is one of the main sources of the destruction of the very planet that the greedy ones want to get more, and more, and more from! The problem is that Gaia is a free will planet.

What that means is that Gaia needs the humans to use their great gift of “free will” to:

But “What is the primary source of destruction?” The answer to that question is usually the Dark Ones, who are usually the members of humanity. These Dark Ones are actually quite a few humans who live via greed and an unending need for power over others!

But why would one have to need to have “power over others? There are as many answers to that question as there are humans who suffer from their need to have “power over others.” And, yes, “power over other people” do suffer!

The reason why they suffer is that energy travels in circles. Therefore, the energy that one puts out will, eventually, return to them. That is why people who send out love, light, and assistance, will receive those energy fields when they most need them.

However, the “time” between the energy going out, and when the energy returns to the sender, is when most of the damage is done. Those who have put out the dark, damaging energy fields are happily putting out their toxins, and are so proud of themselves that they do not even consider that it will come back to them.

Then, when their own negative energy comes full circle and returns to them, they cannot understand how THEY could be the victim of what has come to them. Unfortunately, some of the innocent victims of the “dark energy out” have been suffering since that darkness first struck their consciousness.

It is the people who become “stuck” with the dark energy field that need the most assistance. These are often the ones who were mistreated as children or in their early life. Therefore, they do not believe that they deserve higher light until they have received loving assistance from others.

Unfortunately, some of these people finally succumb to the darker energy fields. Therefore, these are the ones who most need assistance from those who have been able to rise above the darker, fearful and/or angry fields.

Either they remembered, and/or learned, how to choose the frequency of energy that they wanted to resonate to, and released or transmuted the energy fields that they could “feel” were of a lower frequency.

In fact, more and more humans are learning and remembering to trust their “feeling” about the energy fields that are around them. If the energy feels loving, kind, focused, creative and powerful, they have learned/remembered how to embrace and share the higher dimensional energy fields.

It is the honor of these ones to assist those who have become lost in the lower energy fields. Often these people have childhood issues that have not been healed, Hence, they may think it is too “weird” to “feel and trust the impact of the energy fields around them.”

On the other hand, they may have unresolved issues that stand in the way of “clearing the darkness and embracing the Light.” Even when one does perceive the higher frequencies of reality, their daily self may say something like, “What are you doing?” The answer to that question is, “What you are doing is waking up to your own higher dimensional/multidimensional SELF.”

Some people “wake up” to their higher SELF step by step. Whereas other people may take a very long time to wake up, and then suddenly wake up all at once! Either one of these scenarios can be confusing.

However, it is helpful to remember that the step by step part is often easier because each step can be what we need to confront in order to deeply ground each step/phase of awakening into our Higher SELVES.

It is important that we sufficiently ground our awakening SELF into the body of Gaia before we “take the next step.” Then, when we are ready, you will remember to also ground that step into the body of Gaia.

It is in this manner, that you remember that you, the awakened members of humanity, chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW, not for your own, personal gain, but for your beloved planet Gaia.

Yes, Gaia is your beloved planet. Gaia is your beloved mother and your beloved “Planetary Starship” back Home to the fifth-dimensional expressions of your Galactic SELF. Just imagine the different reality that you would experience if you ALL sought your fifth dimensional Home and thought of Gaia as your beloved Mother Planet.

For one thing, you could expand your perception and thoughts from being individual humans who are often fighting and/or being victims to other individual humans, into humans who are consciously creating a reality of Love and Light.

What if ALL humans could no longer perceive themselves as individuals because they had come to the realization that all of humanity is ONE being. However, this “one being” is much like “one Bee Hive,” in that all the bees think of themselves as the “hive” rather than as the “individual bee.”

Can you imagine how much humans would care for, assist, protect and feel deeply united with each other?

Blessings to Gaia and to Her dedicated humans who remember their SELF!

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