Saturday, March 16, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-16-19

The Rabbit Hole Goes Inside Out

Creator sez 'It's Time!' Now, what exactly does It mean by this statement?; Inquiring minds...:

Aussie blogger, Caitlin Johnstone, provides some local insight into this obvious False Flag event:

This article spotlights the curious political posturing of the NZ Manchurian tool; what's that smell: 

The bakers on Voat have come up with some good bread on the NZ FF; grok on, Comrades:
Free speech advocates are drawing flak ‘cause they are over the Khazarian target; bombs away:

Russian Intelligence highlights this smelly affair via Sorcha Fal; Russia is an Alliance member:

They are ‘The Gang That Couldn’t Stage A Believable False Flag Event’; Truthout coming:

Lionel highlights all the geopolitical plates currently spinning their way into the public awareness:

The FOL let’s the bipedal feline out of the fabric receptacle, so to speak; Gate Gate Bay Bay:

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