Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-12-19

Can You See The Man Behind The Curtain Yet?

Things seem to be getting terribly Talmudic with great speed; their symbols will betray them:

Israeli KM politicians get their just deserts from this new ad campaign; Truth-Out:

Truth of the 9/11 FF public disclosure and prosecution should arrive shortly thanks to POTUS:

Ding dong the Witch is dead...Git sum Slavic Psychic Utsava in her latest don't miss video;

Health Ranger Mike Adams does journalistic justice to this subject matter; These people are sick. -Q:

Living in Colorado this narco-fascistic behavior seems like it must be happening on another planet:

They are panicking and blowing all their nastiest cyber-stunts as a last stand against DISCLOSURE:

Baby steps to a galactic model, abundance based, GESARA funded world economy; Git Sum:

I'm always One Who Listens when OWS gets up a full head of ectoplasm; down home channelling:

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