Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 3-26-19

Q: "Justice Will Return"


The Narrative that the lame stream media lost control of is expanding public awareness beyond...:

This newest report from Jordan covers a wide range of 4Th Reich skullduggery; don't miss the fun:

Imperator Rex lays out the history behind this Endgame; fascinating stuff:

Noam is a good dot connector in real need of a positive future vision; trek yourself ......:

Lightworker/Pathpaver Burnout - it's a thing and Denise Le Fay knows lots about:it: ponderfest:

It's super obvious that Google is long overdue for a high corporate colonic and major reorganization:

Visualizing the End Game resulting in a Perfect World is an important form of Spiritual Warriorship:

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