Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Embodiment Series: Part One And The Equinox

By Sandra Walter On 9-15-18

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Equinox is upon us, a sacred opportunity for welcoming the next wave of our embodiment. Because of the significant shifts in the energies this year, the Equinox passage is particularly strong.

With the activation of the crystalline *rainbow bridge* DNA codes over the last few months, we are primed to receive a stronger, more consistent experience of Multidimensional/Christed embodiment.

This is the first in a series of articles focused on Embodiment. What embodiment is, how and why it occurs, who it happens to and when.

Embodiment: What is it?

When the fields of our activated DNA, which creates our coveted experience of Divinity in form, begin to spin and radiate diamond-solar plasma light, our energy fields expand to match that vibration. Our activated heart centers collectively lock into the vibration of Unity consciousness itself.

DNA creates personal, collective, and multidimensional experiences in form. It is a photonic light receiver-generator. It traverses dimensions and densities. Crystalline DNA contains stargate codes for the experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ, or a Divine HUman template experience.

When we activate these etheric crystalline bridge/Christed/Crystalline strands of DNA, we begin to embody our multidimensional Self; the simultaneous awareness of many aspects of Self.

We reconnect our awareness of Source-as-Self as a purified, very clear awareness. This known as the Christed/Crystalline/Unity consciousness state. It triggers massive collective acceleration for those choosing Ascension. This is happening Now.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-20-18

Holy Guacamole!

'Tis time to sing the praises of the humble avocado; cue the Mariachis and Guac it up!:

Jordan just had a major come-to-Guac moment courtesy of two most recent Q Drops; good stuff:
Spot on Thread from Neon Revolt; it's getting hyper-real folks - SSP's Disclosure at 11:

"Society is Made of Narrative – Realizing this is Awakening from the Matrix"; will it be red or blue:

John Peterson's FUTUREdition's newsletter is chock full of breadcrumbs and popcorn; yummy:

Perhaps it's time for a booster shot of hopium; might as well get it direct from Her Hopeness:

We thank Morag O'brien for her short, insightful and Light filled blog posts; here's her latest:

The Arcturians: Dawning Of A New Day

Channelled Through Sue Lie On 9-15-18

Greetings from the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, which is much larger than you may imagine. Please realize that every decision that humanity makes within this NOW has a great impact on the planet.

As humans become more conscious of their “Higher SELF” who is their Multidimensional SELF, they will feel more and more of a need, an urge, to focus on the Core of the planet.

As more and more of humanity begins to “remember” that Gaia is a living being, they will begin to understand how person and planet are made up of the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Also, just as each human has a core, so does Gaia.

Therefore, when you focus on Gaia’s Planetary Body, you are also focusing on Humanity's Human Body. Furthermore, each “element” of humanity’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water interacts and affects each other.

As humanity begins to “feel and accept” the higher frequencies of Light that are NOW entering Earth’s atmosphere, and therefore, all of her Planetary Life forms. As humanity becomes more and more aware of their own ascension process, they will become more and more aware of the planetary ascension.

“What does ‘ascension’ mean?” you may ask. Ascension is a transmutation of the frequency of reality into the next octave of vibration. Transmutation is change, alteration and/or transformation into the next octave of reality.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

GaiaPortal: Separations For The Next Phase Are Completed

Channelled By ÉirePort On 8-19-18 

Separations for the next phase are completed.

All energetic ties to the past are cut.

Higher Light enters.

Strengths are amplified.

New pathways begin.

PAO - Update For September 18, 2018

Channelled via Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Balik! We return with uplifting news! Progress continues. The dark cabal has reached the point where its only option is to surrender. Every strategy to disrupt the Light has utterly failed. We are approaching the very brink of events that are to be the true prelude to your freedom and the rise of new governance. Along with our Earth allies, we are in the middle of executing a well-thought-out plan that is dismantling the existing power structure. A sweeping series of untested strategies is being successfully implemented that continues to perplex the dark cabal. Our sacred coalition, which is working smoothly together, is busy setting the stage for our eventual triumph. It is sheer joy to watch so many dynamic, strategic elements come together, like silken threads, to enmesh the conceited cabal in the web of its own corrupt legal system.

Elements are already in play that have legally forced the dark to relinquish much of its power and prevented large-scale international wars from breaking out. The next steps are to end the power of fiat money and jolt the bankers from their lairs. These actions in turn are to set the stage for permanent prosperity that transforms global poverty and homelessness. It is to replace these brutal earthbound tragedies with a jubilee that frees all humanity. It will take you far beyond current survival modes and you will come together at last to creatively solve the pollution and gross depravity that threatened to send you into nothingness. We now are to interact with a people ready to accept its inherent spirituality and inner yearning to save and protect Gaia. They are to serve you well as you prepare to reunite with your Inner Earth cousins.

A revised schedule is being drawn up for distribution of the RV funds that will equip you for your prosperity monies. It will also deliver a new banking system, based upon reporting guidelines agreed to some years ago. These rules will restructure bank operations and severely restrict any kind of bank fraud. Once all of this is achieved, new governance can freely and legally manifest. It will abolish personal taxation and allow the rise of an entirely new business environment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-18-18

Sessions Unchained!

And from an odorous sea of deplorables rose the Qanon's battle cry "Release The Sessions!"

'Grand Jury Finds Police were Complicit in Covering up Massive Child Sex Ring in Catholic Church' Oh? Really? Remember, they never thought we'd figure it all out:

Extra! Extra! True Pyramids Purpose Has Been Finally Discovered; YouTube clip tells all:

The fracking industry’s water nightmare makes for a truly disgusting and horrific read; mazel:

A pair of new Threads from Neon Revolt for all you Qanon newbies out there; grok what you can:

This live channeling from the Arcturians via Barbara Merciniak in 2015 has great illustrations and spot on content: definitely grokkable and well worth a viewing:

Dsclosure Digest 9-17-18

It's Time To End The Korean War

Here's a good, broad philosophical perspective on the Shift and an intro to Free Range Humans:

Speaking of Free Range Humans let's spend 10 minutes in Lionelland for a good, old fashioned rant:

Angela abhors Free Range Politicians; PCR does a good job of prepping us for an epic EU fail:

USA Corp is the dead man walking, not The Republic; the Galactics won’t allow the use of atomics:

From our Bad Big Ag files for your consideration; remember, Team Dark is really trying to kill us all:

SerialBrain2 (and an AndWeKnow video) “Trump’s secret message about 9/11; KP be Redpillen:

I feel it only appropriate, on this auspicious BOOM occasion, to give POTUS the last words:

Monday, September 17, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-16-18

As Matthew emphasized in his latest Message, we are getting an amazing amount of boots on the ground support from our Star Families, both in- and dis-carnate. Why it's an Ascension happy fizzies party goin' on in the old 3/4D holo-realities. Here's a collection of channelled messages from the last few days to support my contention. Grok On!

Heads Up!

Transformation In Progress

I think it's appropriate to give Creator the first word in today's Digest; ponder on this, y'all:

This psychic take on the NM Solar Observatory incident is spot on; remember the movie PAUL:

This is quite the strong Angelic Message received through Morag; solid ring of Truth here:

It's been a while since I posted one from Carolyn Oceana Ryan; A Message to Lightworkers:

Dancing Dolphin downloads Sanat Kumara for us; "Gaia is Ready for Her New Sovereigns!:

A new Energy Update from psychic Diane Canfield might help you see the upside in the current planetary chaos; "Personalities Fragmenting, Timeline Shifts, 5 Days of Geomagnetic Storms;
The Most High unexpectedly drops in on Ann Albers with this urgent message; We Are One Love: 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Matthew’s Message, Sept. 15, 2018

Via Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. If you are sensing that something important is afoot, you may be responding to the energy of behind-the-scenes efforts that are poised for action.

Those efforts are why we are speaking about the incredulity of numerous readers that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are in the international group working to abolish the Illuminati’s criminal empire and hold the guilty accountable.

Is it not realistic that the leaders of those two powerful nations would be involved in such a vital global undertaking? [Is it] not realistic that only persons in positions with that degree of influence could uproot centuries-old control of your world?

Is their participation, in fact, not essential since Russia has evidence of Illuminati criminality and many at the peak of that secret society are US citizens, who must be brought to justice according to that nation’s laws?

Yet, a surprising number of readers wrote that we “destroyed,” “undermined” or “lost (our) credibility” because we did not echo the outrage, frustration, condemnation and fear in their emails about the two presidents. The low vibrations of those emotions cannot exist at this station, but we do understand them—they are pervasive in your world, and that is why this is a matter of such importance.

The universal law of attraction—like attracts like—is in continuous motion, and the energy of low vibratory feelings provides more situations to evoke the same kinds of reactions. This self-perpetuating cycle is not serving you well.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 9-15-18

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Chicken Little, you're gonna love this one; Equinox Cracks in the Magnetosphere; signs on high:

Praying Medic reports on Q v.The Cabal as the fight overwhelms the corrupt social media platforms:

More is being revealed about the covert blinding of Earthside solar observatories; go Jordan:

Two from the 9D Arcturian Council: 'Water' and 'Receiving from the Earth'; grokable both:

Dr. Evil underwriting some guilt absolving show programs for 'the poor'; time to strip his assets:

Japan's commercial whaling bid rejected by IWC; now it's time to monkey-wrench their fleet: 

We round out today's offerings with this latest channelled message through Blossom Goodchild:

GaiaPortal: Mentoring Of All Planetary Ascenders Begins In Earnest

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-15-18

Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest.

Standards of vibrational requirements are raised.

Schools are selected.

Choices are made.

The harvest is near.

Disclosure Digest 9-14-18

Nothing To See Here,

It's Just A Weather Balloon

This could be the reason 6 more Solar Observatories have been closed; Mothership's galore:

Matt Agorist explores the exploding Catholic Pedogate extravaganza in this Activist Post article:

They are truly panicking; B’bye Big Pharma, may class action suits pick your bones clean:

The latest Full Frontal Fulford Report: 'Cabal Faces Doom'; git yer popcorn ready:

'The Economy is Dead in the Water -- The Deep State is on its Way Out'; this sounds about right:

'City Blocks 5G Cell Tower Implementation Over Claims that it Can Cause Cancer': Duh!:

UN Chief Urges Talks to Avoid Idlib Bloodbath, NATO Threatens War to Defend Terrorists; Oy Vey:

IMHO, these are last of the Cabal HAARP weaponized storms; many storms w/very few casualties:

Saul is currently inhabiting a pleasingly plump Orb of Light; always with the advice, that one:

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-13-18

If You Don't Look Up,

You Won't See The Ships!

The Council comes to us today via Ron Head with this message - 'Things Seem to be Chaotic':

As 1.5 million flee Hurricane Florence, worries grow over half dozen nuclear power plants in storm’s path; remember the Galactics promises about future nuclear 'accidents' being prevented by them:

FBI and Blackhawk choppers: National Solar Observatory shuts over mysterious ‘security issue’:

Colorado sunshine and Buddhist prayer flags embrace Mr. Sather; it's time to move here Jordan:

'12 Alternative Treatments For Arthritis...' current chemtrail pathogens induce arthritic symptoms:

The EU is showing it’s true intentions; this Fourth Reich scata continues to decompose in plain sight:

Morocco bans forced marriage and sexual violence; The Light is uplifting everybody on Gaia:

Washington vigil offers prayers for missing and murdered Indigenous women; Spiderwoman returns: 

This is a good Doctor of Synchronicities thesis; may require multiple readings and some aspirin:

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-12-18

Peek-A-Boo, I SEE You

 Waking up to planetary collective consciousness doesn't have to be a scary thing; grok sum Avatar:

'The Light Bringer', Heavenletter #6437 Published on: September 10, 2018 by Jennifer Farley:

BATTLESTATIONS! BATTLESTATIONS! A special 9/11 Thread by Neon Revolt: rabbit on:

17 Unanswered Questions on the 17th Anniversary of 9/11; Posted on 9-11-18 by David Nova:

Journalist Jonathan Azaziah brings us the beginnings of a very long list of 9/11 bad actors to ponder:

Conservationists fear Japan’s ‘blatant’ attempt to overturn whaling moratorium; bad actors in Nippon:

Listen to Dr. Mercola now, and do your deep breathing exercises or you're headed for a lobotomy:

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

ÉirePort Group Message 9-11-18

The 9-11 Portal 

of Illumination and Ascension

 The ÉirePort group, operating as it does from the so-called “Land of Éire”, is essentially a spiritual group entity with a mission to enlighten and illuminate the beings of Ascending planet Earth (Gaia). We point out that the “Land of Éire” is not represented properly by the 3D entity called “Éire”, rather is a Higher Dimensional encompassing “place” within each and every human and earth-based being.

We bring this message to all of the planet that the times of “massive apocalypse” are upon us, and this date in particular was chosen for our group message, as it represents a collapse of the illusory 3D ways and the rising of the Ascension Pillars of Light… within the planet, within communities, and within each and every individual being of the planet. It is symbolically represented very nicely by the “Twin Towers” of Light, which replaced the former 3D “Twin Towers” of “financial illusion” in the town called, “New York City”.

Cosmic Energies have incessantly poured into your world, on all dimensions, since the events of 9-11-2001. Now you enter the “9-11 Portal of Illumination and Ascension”.

Remain open to your Ascension process, and follow the “Twin Towers” of Divine Masculine and Feminine Illumination.

That is all for this moment.

ÉirePort Group

Disclsure Digest 9-11-18

The 9/11 17TH Anniversary Edition


From the front page of GAoG to your digital device - 9/11: The Demolition of Truth:

It seems that Bro Beckow has become a baker of breadcrumbs - '9/11- Q Anon: Future Proves Past':

From the GAoG archives for your consideration; via Matthew the 9/11'victims' speak out:

Don't forget Pappa Bush and his Satanic perps who staged this attack; Truth then Reconciliations:

The new DIA ad campaigns; ‘hiding’ the truth in plain sight - how Reptilian of y’all:

The Green Comet on 9/10,  a G2 storm on 9/11 and a major hurricane for DC; Signs in the Heavens:

Monday, September 10, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-10-18

Something Big Is Coming...

Jordan anticipates a mega-disclosure week ahead; 9/11 17Th anniversary - Q up a Boom:

This great little video was just posted by Mad As Hell News.Com; try low volume listening:

 Steve Beckow just posted this reminder of the positive changes that are upon us; No Fear:

The legal noose tightens on the Pedo Church of Rome: good riddance to Bad Dogma:

A renowned MD slams medical education; says we have “An Epidemic of Misinformed Doctors”:

Lionel’s Manifesto for the Conspiratorium is well worth 20 minutes of your time; Grok Sum

GaiaPortal: Dictums Of Luminescence Are Viewed And Internalized

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-10-18


Dictums of Luminescence are viewed and internalized.

Harmonics are embraced.

Celebratories are prepared.

WWCC of 9: Creating A Stargate

 Via Magenta Pixie On 9-8-18

(This video is available at

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-9-18


 I Just Want ALL Of Your Money...

Dr. Evil was so spot on; Bezos is one furry white cat and a monocle away from world domination:

A spot-on postmortem for the formerly (not) lamestream media that I grew up with; R.I.P.:

Where does that special 'it's about to rain' smell really come from; inquiring minds..:

Free 'cheese' for the Swiss? Hundreds sign up to get $2,500 a month under basic income trial:

Twitter exiles Alex Jones to Internet Archipelago as crackdown on American discourse heats up:

Get some popcorn and check out David Wilcock's latest thread; the boy's gitin' purty excited: 

The Arcturian Group Message: 9-9-18

Channelled Via Marilyn Raffaele

Greetings from the Arcturian Group. We are a collective of evolved Arcturian Beings of Light who have chosen to work with the people of earth at this powerful time of ascension energy by assisting all who are ready and willing to move beyond the third dimension and into a consciousness that no longer embraces duality and separation.

We are love and easily observe the innate purity of each of you. Our work is to assist you to understand and accept that you too are Beings of Light but have forgotten. You may call upon us when ever you wish for you are part of the Arcturian Group collective consciousness. We are not here for one person alone but for anyone seeking enlightenment. This is our work, our joy, and our mission of Love.

It is time to fully open to deeper awareness and really see dear ones, to observe and translate beyond the plethora of situations that so many struggle with on a day to day basis. Many, even those awake to truth find themselves in the midst of physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual turmoils leaving them in doubt, confusion, and sorrow.

The world as you have known it is a material concept of the real world. The real world is a spiritual Idea within the mind of God. The material world that seems so real, the the interpretation of a consensus consciousness enmeshed in beliefs of duality and separation. A tree is not as you see it with human eyes, but in its true form is a beautiful, living, body of Light which is true of all living things.

The material sense of earth will change as the false beliefs that formed it begin to dissolve. It can never return to what it was in spite of efforts by those attempting to make this happen because the substance of it is different.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-8-18

We Came To The Fork In The Road And Took It...

Go Figure!

I think Yogi Berra once said 'It's like deja-vu all over again!" Correct my timeline if I'm wrong:
Here's prime Kp Mahalo Rant for your edification; Clarifications about ‘This and That':

The White Hats are setting the stage for major Boomage; a very telling little video clip per example: 

The 9/11 Disclosure event is imminent; time to get mentally and emotionally prepared, comrades:

This recent X22 Report shows me that Dave is becoming an astute Q-decoder; Grok sum:

 Multiple Mike teams up once again with Kryon to trace our Soul Pedigree and put it into perspective:

As the Virgo New Moon is upon us, perhaps it would be wise to check in with Stephanie Austin:

Disclosure Digest 9-7-18

It's Time To Clean Up Our Act

The spiritual influences of the Virgo New Moon energies are well explained in the following piece:

A new study spotlights rising CO2 levels has re-greening effects across the planet; not Fake Science:

Also not Fake Science; Depleted Uranium munitions should have destroyed humanity; pictures at 11:

Saturn’s famous Hexagon towers above the cloud tops; Sacred Geometries underlie all manifestation:

Twofers from my favorite Celtic Goddess; Morag O'brien; It's all crystal clear now:

'David Nichtern: Mantra and the Power of Pure Sound' comes to us courtesy of Wisdom Publications:

Taoist Ascended Masters comment on how religions enslave us instead of awakening us; Grok sum:

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-6-18

OMG...We're Blissing Out!

'Notes From The Event: Falling Forward Into Light' was posted on 9-5-18 by David Nova; git sum:

A recent Robert Steele letter to the Atlantic Monthly - 'Donald Trump Is Neither A Tyrant Nor Lost':

A special report from the oil patch of Dinetah (Navajo Land) - 'Poison Air At Sheep Camp': 

Megapoison's name is changed to Amino Sweet: 'A Toxin By Another Name is Still a Toxin'

Only good lies, please MI6...You guys can't even pull off a False Flag 101 exercise; very sad:

'The Slaves Rebel' by Chris Hedges is necessary disclosure and a painful read; grok on:

 One Who Serves, via James McConnell, voices some of the best channelled material around: