Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Arcturian Council Of Twelve; We Are Not Alone

Nine (Saucers) is the number of completion and this channelled message is the most complete, comprehensible and accessible overview of Gaia's (and Humanities) current Ascension status that I have yet seen on the web. It deserves as wide a distribution as you can give it; excellent red-pilling material for the Awakening Ones in your life. Grok Sum and please pass it on.

Channelled By Morag O'Brien On 5-20-18

We are here to bring news of the war for Gaia and humanity. This is a war that started many moons ago. We understand war is a painful word for many humans who are awake to the pain and suffering it causes. The war we speak of is not one of bombs and destruction, it is one of energy. We have much to tell you. We will try and be as clear as we can. Please understand human language is limiting. It does not cover the concepts we want to help you understand.

Like radio waves, airwaves that carry a signal across time and space, so too does the spectrum of life carry signals across time and space. Frequencies, wavelengths, determine dimensional realities. Galaxies, star systems, planets operate within this spectrum of frequency, just as all living organic things do. The material plane can exist in many dimensions, just as an ant experiences life from the ground, an eagle from the sky, some species experience life in the stars others on land. Many planets are inhabited underground. This is one of a few factors that separate Gaia and human life from many other life forms and lifetimes in the multi -verse.

To inhabit a planet is to have reached profound levels of spiritual growth and metamorphosis. The Goddess, so named for Her transcendence, Gaia, inhabits your planet Earth. She has done for so for a long time. She, like all Ascended Beings, was hesitant to interfere with the evolution of humanity. Yet She watched as others abandoned this universal law and directly affected humanities evolution. Wars broke out on her surface. Gaia woke from Her slumber. She was dismayed. It takes a long time in human years for a Soul inhabiting a planet to initiate and create or manifest trans-dimensional change. Gaia began Her awakening to the plight of planet Earth thousands of years ago. With allies from the skies She was able to curb the destruction at times. Blank out the damage and corruption with ice and fire, with water and air. She was able to halt or delay some of the rot. The return of the Anunaki dramatically accelerated humanities destructive impulses. And directly challenged Gaia’s attempts to reset balance on Her world.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-19-18

 Welcome To The Collective

Consciousness Of Terra Gaia

 We begin with this galactic perspective on consciousness from The Hathors via Peggy Black:

 Adele Arini channels Father God on the Art of healing your life; grok sum:

Multiple Mike brings us some more choice Kryon snippets to ponder, in this his latest posting:

From Creator, via Jennifer Farley, we get pith instructions on discriminating awareness:

Those Arcturians been ridin' Sue Lie's consciousness through multi-D like a rented mule:

Friday, May 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-18-18

 The Goddess Is Taking Names And Kickin' Butt

Eyes Open; No Fear


While we're focusing on cutting trough BS and the liberation of humanity, git sum Morag:

As per Ron Head and The Council it's official; we're THERE and IT'S HAPPENING:

 We get Zarton's two cents on current events courtesy of Sue Lie; grok sum:

The Arcturians have always been big on 'mental hygiene'; here's a double dip via GAoG:

Jesus is so excited; humanity is on the verge of 'getting' his core teachings. Amen to that:

Sandra Walter has a big weekend lined up; let's close with her latest and send her some (PayPal) love:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-17-18

All Q, All The Time

Trust The Plan

Lionel kicks this one off with a righteous rant on the unfolding Q-Effect as it drains 'The Swamp':

The floodgates of Federal Indictments are now officially opened; Anthony Wiener's is the first biggie:

Ben Fulford is back with his weekly report; he just doesn't get that POTUS can't be manipulated:

 Finally, David Wilcock adds his perspective to the Q Phenomenon on the Jimmy Church Show:

Praying Medic does a masterful and humble job of unpacking the Q Esoterica; definitely git sum:

Text Neck Explained! Please share this on your digitally impaired friends and family:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Matthew’s Q&A Message For 5-16-18

Via Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with a reader’s comments about a topic that several others have questioned: “North Korea’s former peace gestures never came to anything. Analysts I’ve heard don’t expect that pattern to change. I’d like to know Matthew’s perspective.”

Analysts derive a situation’s likely outcome by looking back at history, and for millennia that worked. It no longer does. All third density patterns that once well served the peoples as learning and growth experiences have become obsolete, and that includes assessing a developing situation based on the past. Change throughout your world is soaring on wings of accelerating vibrations, and this is without precedence in your recorded history.

Talks about the reunification of North and South Korea will move forward, albeit in fits and starts if egos arise, and families separated decades ago will be reunited. Peace processes in all areas of conflict will be getting underway incrementally—countries where many still are working on karmic lessons will be the laggards in ending the battling—and history will be relegated to the past where it belongs.

“Please ask Matthew what the United States’ withdrawal from the multinational agreement with Iran portends for world safety.” We feel that the threatening rhetoric from Iran will give way to reasoning minds in that country because the other nations in the agreement are honoring it and global respect for the United States has greatly diminished. But if Iranian “hard-liners” do choose to speed development of nuclear weaponry, it will be to no avail. As vibrations on the planet keep rising, all nuclear weaponry will be destroyed and nuclear power abandoned—both emit the low vibrations that cannot exist in the astral planes where Earth is heading.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-15-18

Cheerful Taurus New Moon

Nothing To See Here...


Stephanie Austin does a masterful job of illuminating the effects of this powerful 'dark-of-the-moon':

 The whole world is watching, and criticizing, the US lamestream media propaganda machine:

Enjoy this latest download from the fleet via Sheldan Nidle:

Jordan sather and The Health Ranger expose more depressing facts about 'vax attacks' on humanity:

Robert David Steele does a masterful job of envisioning the mechanics of peace in the Far East:

The latest real news from our favorite anchorman, Jordan Sather: Grok sum: 

Are you feeling like your grasp on 'reality' is slipping? This piece by Sue Lie may help:

QAnon On How Ending Iran Peace Deal Thwarts Deep State Plans For Nuclear False Flag Attack

 This is a special post for all you Q-tippers out there. 
You know who you are.

By Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

May 13, 2018 

The military intelligence group that comprises QAnon continues to make extraordinary revelations about behind the scenes efforts to displace and remove U.S. officials that make up or have been compromised by the Deep State. Most recently, QAnon has been focusing on why President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the July 14, 2015 Iran nuclear deal is a positive development, and how this is connected to Trump helping free North Korea from Deep State control.

On the Iran issue, QAnon has made many posts that suggest the Iran deal was a cover for Iran to secretly develop a nuclear weapons program in northern Syria, with funding being facilitated by the Deep State working through a multilateral international peace framework.

QAnon has previously described how the Deep State’s puppet masters – Rothschilds, House of Saud, and George Soros – use the enormous funds at their disposal, to manipulate national elites, organizations and even nation states.

The Deep State plan was to secretly assist Iran in building nuclear weapons using uranium that could be linked to Russia, and subsequently used in a false flag attack on U.S. territory.

Please Continue Reading Full Article Here

GaiaPortal: Nova Gaia Foundations Flow Into View

Channelled By ÉirePort On 5-15-18

Nova Gaia foundations flow into view.

Planetary elements are secured for Hue-manity.

Excessives are banished.

The Light Crystal Kingndom arises.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-13-18

Today's Word Is' Eruption'

We lead off with KP's latest blog eruptions and some great videos from The Big Island:

These reports just in from the Land Of Q for those of you who follow such stuff:
 Here is KP's current list of 'go to' Q interpreters; grok sum:

The Health ranger is diligently riding the digital fences thrown up by Team Dark desperadoes:

We round off today's selections with two short videos by Conspiratorus Emeritus, David Icke:

AA Michael On The Heart Opening And Nova Being


By Steve Beckow On 5-13-18

In my reading with him on May 2, 2018, I asked Archangel Michael what he could tell us about the gradual mass heart opening, or “Event,” taking place.

Archangel Michael: It is actually coming along famously!

Steve: Where would I look for evidence?

AAM: Look around you. People – and I am not talking just here and there, I am talking about individuals and collectives by the millions and the billions – are beginning to express, demand, command – they don’t call it a heart opening but these are the first steps – they are demanding freedom and equality and peace and justice.

Well, what this is really about is the declaration that they really want to be operating from a higher level, a higher dimension, a higher octave. So yes, people are saying, “I want love! I want to be seen. I want to be cherished. I’m am tired of petty hatred”.

And you are seeing this. Look around. The news of various sorts tend to focus on, even when they say they are focused on breakthrough, are often focused on negative events; the abuse of power, the abuse of authority, etc.

So, look to the broader spectrum. Look in people’s eyes when you walk down the street or go to have a coffee. Look into the hearts as you scan our own website. See the trend and what people are really declaring and what they are paying attention to, what they are reading, what they are commenting on. There is your truth.

Steve: Okay, and it’s a gradual thing with most people. Is that correct?

AAM: It is gradual but more and more are lining up for the quick explosion.

Steve: Yes, I saw that the Narendra Mishra, for instance, had a heart opening.

The Archangel Gabriel Messages #11: The Prayers You Offer For Others...

Channeled By Shanta Gabriel On 5-13-18

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

Dear One,

Sometimes it feels as though prayer is the only thing you can do for another person, even though you wish you could do more. Prayer is, however, the greatest gift you can give.

When you pray for another, you are sending a blessing of Divine Love and increased light-filled energy. This can bring them an expanded perspective on their life, an awareness of a Greater Power working within them as Love. They may not know why they feel better, they just know they do. God's love is the power that can heal all things. All you have to do in prayer is ask that another be filled with Divine Love and a perfect outflow of energy from a Higher Source will occur.

Prayer is often the last thing one thinks about when situations become disturbing. In truth, prayer is most helpful as the first and not the last resort. You may not know what is best for another, but their Higher Power does. Each person has a guardian Angel ready to respond to the prayers offered for another. It is very simple just to pray that the Angels bless someone and lead them to their highest good. Praying for such divine outworking has tremendous potential and power. It opens the door to the place where miracles occur.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-12-18


Selamat Ja!

We begin today by checking in with the latest from Sheldan and Colleen Nidle

Lionel readily admits to being  hooked on all that is Q-Anon; he's my kinda' addict: 

Sandra drops by to tell us all about the upcoming Divine Mother's Day:

Ronna Herman/Vezane gives us 8 minutes of good stuff from AAM al fresco; grok sum:

Is it Angelic or is it Memorex? Can you spell 'Divine Intervention':

Friday, May 11, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-11-18

Thank Source It's Friday

Mike Quinsey starts us off today with his latest Higher Self download; git sum:

Sitting here in Colorado it is surreal to contemplate Team Dark's lingering cannabis scams:

This SGT Report exposes the dark agenda behind 5G networks and atmospheric spraying:

It's good to know roughly when, in the day/night cycle, our tissues self-repair and regenerate:

The Council of Light via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Deep Inside Hour Heart You Still Trust:

Thursday, May 10, 2018

GaiaPortal: Elements Of Smokescreens Are Eiminated

Channelled By ÉirePort On 5-10-18 

Elements of smokescreens are eliminated.

Elements of Light arise.

Unveilings near completion.

Sacraments are imbibed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-9-18

May You All Walk In Beauty

It's good to remember the first four Worlds as we traverse the Rainbow Bridge to the Fifth:

The Council on 'Reality' via Ron Head for your perusal; question reality:

The old Count is feeling quite chipper in this message; satisfied with his Plan, he is:

Lisa Renee offers a trove of valuable info and insight re: the liberation of humanity from Team Dark:

Praying Medic has put together a Q Primer for beginning awakeners; well worth a listen:

The French people are preparing their Second Revolution; it will be totally televised:

This X22 Report is the best summary of what is really going on in the Mid East; grok sum:

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Disclosure Digeat 5-8-18

There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On !

Volcanic eruptions are coming from Hawaii and the Q-Realm; KP presents the most recent ejecta:

Ben Fulford gives us his insider take on the ongoing Earth Follies in this latest Full Frontal Report:

Blossom Goodchild brings us this latest report from The Federation Of Light; fascinating:

This is a good backstory article on the planned 'ultimate false flag operation; recently checkmated:

Kanye breaks out of mental confinement and initiates the going viral of red-pilling; git sum:

Putin, like Trump, only wants the best for All his constituents...and they work well together behind the scenes. Nothing is what it seems; trust the plan:

To finish on the lighter side here's the BBC take on American baseball's classic rivalry; enjoy:

Monday, May 7, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-7-18


And When You Call Me

You Can Call Me AL

Spaceweather folks call this phenomenon STEVE; I know it to be a Galactic download:

Jim Hightower uncovers the long-game dark agenda behind the Koch brothers political machinations:

While we're on nefarious schemes, try the military/industrial collusion on war profiteering:

Team Dark's anti-life campaign manifests in various ways; here's a prime example to ponder:

 Brenda Hoffman presents some very useful insights here on helping the recently red-pilled:

Arcturian Group Message, May 6, 2018

Via Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones, welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages. Know that you are rapidly progressing into new levels of awareness which for some of you has resulted in discord, with family and friends upset and disappointed because you have changed and are no longer the same person they knew and want you to continue to be.

Spiritual evolution often forces those closest to the one awakening to question their own belief system, giving rise to emotions of anger and defensiveness. Seeing and believing differently than you have in the past will often “rock the boat” of those closest to you because the energy alignment you previously held with them is dissolving.

Awakening often results in the end of some relationships. This frequently happens in families or with friends that are closely in energetic alignment by a particular belief system, religious practice, tradition, or cultural heritage. It is vital that you never allow some person or group to guilt you into remaining in a state of consciousness you have outgrown.

The purpose of choosing to live on earth is to evolve and choosing to to remain locked in some particular belief system in order to please others or simply “keep the peace” is a surrendering of personal power. This does not mean that you abandon family and friends unless it becomes necessary which it sometimes does. It simply means that you stay centered in truth and alert to the temptation to align with any beliefs the group may hold but that you no longer resonate with. Life becomes being “In the world, but not of it.”

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-6-18

 A 'Just Videos' Edition

For Our Dyslexic Readers

Jordan Sather takes on tough topics like Spiritual Awakening and  recurring BOOMS; git sum:

Lionel dissects Mueller's Phony Witch Hunt and The Madness of Rudy Giuiiani; great viewing:

Praying Medic is one of the best Q-Ologists out there; here's a recent sample for your perusal:

Senior Conspiratorist David Icke exposes Bush '41 and gets corroboration on The Quantum State of Being from Dr. Michio Kaku; no ka ka , grok sum:

We finish with retired military curmudgeon Roy Potter, here he exposed 5G and Chentrails:

WWCC of 9: Decoding And Processing Frequency Through Metaphor

 Via Magenta Pixie On 5-4-18

 (This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 5-5-18

More Dominoes Bite The Dust

The super rich Cabal bloodline families are selling the family assets to get some liquidity; Yes:

You probably won't make the transition to 5D on a diet of Coke and Doritos; just sayin':

This is what 'swords to ploughshares' looks like in former drug dependent S.American countries:

Breadcrumbs of truth are finding their way into more and more op-ed pieces; git sum:

This report is so surreal even Jim Hightower has difficulty find some humor in it:

Really, you still believe that lawyers and the judiciary both serve some noble 'civil codes'? NOT:

Saul (through John Smallman) is my favorite Galacti-Jew; here he groks an spiritual change:

Friday, May 4, 2018

GaiaPortal: Sacramental Flowerings Illuminate The Masses

Channelled By ÉirePort On5-4-18

Sacramental flowerings Illuminate the masses.

Harmonics increase with enlightened perceptions.

Starting points renewed.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-3-18

 Major Stargate Activations

As Neptune Kicks Butt

Recent NASA satellite photo of Neptune

We lead off with the latest update from Our Lady of Mt.Shasta; git sum Sandra Walter:

What say we use this Neptunian roller-coaster to disclose our Secret Space Programs:

Dr. Michael Salla does some academic red-pilling of Black Ops programs in this newest offering:

Some very good news for all real and potential vax-victims among the awakening sheeple:

We close today with this rousing Ascension Earth play-by-play from The Arcturian Council:

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-2-18

 Sanity Runs Rampant!

Dos Koreas Approach Reunification

 Peace outbreaks casting a pall on the stock market; boo hoo hoo; NOT:

Jordan Sather does a masterful job of putting the Q phenomenon into a sane perspective; grok sum:
Creator Sez: Its A Time Of Inclusion; I'm down wi'dat;

Canadians starting to call out The Vatican and the Crown on their institutional genocide programs:

Lionel drops a curmudgeonly10 min. rant on the Boy Scouts & rampant cross-gender nitwitification:

Needless to say, the Cabal influence on the British healthcare system is significant; many bad actors:

US secret space programs are already an 'open secret' and POTUS seems ready to unveil them: