Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-18-18

The Event Cometh...

Some lovely excerpts from Dolores Cannon's new book, The Convoluted Universe, FYI:

The Yellow Vest movement for the return of national sovereignty seems to be gaining traction:

Oliver Stone: the American 'War State' has 'the Worst Media in the World'; Anons know this well:

 Jordan Sather on Obama getting an envelope, Yellow Vests, our Space Force and Big Pharma: 

Lionel fesses up; Flying Saucers - Why they're real, here now and the government and media lie:

SVALI is a surviving Illuminati Programmer, gone off reservation and spilling the magic beans:

Always a pleasure to honor Lee Carroll and KRYON by posting one of their recent messages:

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