Saturday, December 8, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-7-18

What Does "Vive la France" Mean - 

Patriotism in French ...

French students on lock-down as riots against Macron's crony gov’t. ramp up; where’s the guillotine:

News Flash - The French Revolution V2.0 goes viral in cyberspace; so tumbles the Matrix; grok sum:

French police remove helmets as gesture of peace to protesters; RT knows from revolutions:

Courtesy of Lionel; a premium short rant on the impeachment insanity gripping Congress:

Jordan puts the most recent Q posts on the front burner and does a fine job of stirring the pot:

The tide has turned against Khazarian/Zionist influence on US law enforcement agencies:

KP turned me onto insightful videos by the mysterious Body Language Ghost: fascinating stuff:

Brother Beckow has pulled together a fine compilation of channelings re:Ascension; git sum:

I leave you today with this link to a Blazing Yule Log and soothing instrumental holiday music

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