Monday, December 17, 2018

The Arcturian Group December Message


Via Marilyn Raffaele On 12-16-18

Dear readers, during these tumultuous times of confusion and strife, we remind you to never lose sight of the fact that the real Self and the real world is fully present at all times in spite of any outer appearances. When qualities of love and harmony are absent and chaos seems to reign over persons or situations, know that it can only be personal and collective three dimensional consciousness manifesting.

Many duality/separation concepts do not go lightly into the night even after the person understands that three dimensional creations based in duality and separation have no law to maintain or sustain them. Because of this you may occasionally wonder; “Have I failed? Why am I still experiencing issues that I thought I had cleared and moved on from ?”

Never resist, claim, or make a power out of the unwanted thoughts or actions that may occasionally pop up unexpectedly as you go about your day. Rather, simply recognize them to impersonal thoughts floating about in the collective consciousness or remnants of energy still held in cellular memory. As your consciousness becomes ever more enlightened, these experiences simply fade away.

When negative fears and emotions arise, speak to your physical cells telling them that it is a new time in which they no longer need to retain intense and often fear filled energies from the past in order to warn and protect you. Lovingly inform them that these old energies are no longer necessary and that you want them to be replaced with frequencies of Light that reflect the physical body’s Divine blueprint.

Never become impatient when you find yourself experiencing emotions that you thought you had cleared because the intense experiences of your many various lifetimes often clears in layers, allowing you the time needed to be spiritually ready for each next layer.

Know that God has never formed ITself as fear, anxiety, hate, disease, or lack and limitation. If God the only substance did not form ITself as these things, then they can not exist as reality. Where then do these things come from? You who are awakened know the answer, that they are the manifestations of personal and collective states of consciousness imbued with beliefs of duality and separation.

You are ready to make truth your attained state of consciousness and begin living it rather than allowing it to remain interesting dinner conversation. Many of you still live with one foot in both worlds but that only works for so long. Truth must be lived once it is known otherwise it just remains information to be dragged out now and then during intellectual discussions and the spiritual journey stagnates.

Fear and anxiety is never yours personally. Only the sacred qualities of Source are personally yours. Everything else represents the accumulated energy of the masses from hundreds of lifetimes lived in ignorance that created a consensus consciousness based in good and evil (duality), and separation.
Often the remnants of energy from intense past life experiences (being burned at the stake, war, etc.) will remain hard wired in the physical cells and consciousness of even the very evolved until a state of consciousness is attained in which lower resonating energies simply dissolve into the nothingness that they have always been and transmute into Light.

You who resonate with these messages have been preparing through the experiences of many lives for these ascension times and are prepared to claim your Christhood. The word Christ does not refer only to the master known as Jesus/Jeshua as many believe, but rather Christ refers to Light, illumination, and a consciousness that fully realizes self to be SELF.

Much of the world will soon celebrate Christmas in the belief that it represents the birth of the only son of God. Carry with you into your Christmas celebrations the realization that the true Christmas is not the birth of the one and only son of God, but rather is the birth of Christ consciousness that takes place within each and every soul when they attain conscious Oneness with God/Source.

How could an Omnipresent God limit ITself to manifesting through only one person? Since IT is all there is, where would the rest of mankind come from? This myth, a false concept still perpetuated and accepted by many, represents the belief in separation and promotes ideas of being “less than” by those who seek power over.

Every soul at some point will experience a personal Christmas, the birth of Christ consciousness within. For many it will not come in this lifetime but sooner or later it will because of who and what every person is, always has been, and forever will be–One Divine consciousness manifesting ITself as infinite form and variety. Every soul embodies the fullness of all that God is regardless of how many lifetimes lived or still being lived under the veils of duality and separation.

Never doubt that you live forever. Can an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient God die? The lives you chose to live in third dimensional energy are and always have been simply educational pauses in your eternal life meant to bring you to where you are now–prepared for your personal CHRISTmas.
Allow truth to penetrate your thinking in every situation, realizing that God alone is power, not a power over another power but rather simply the one and only power there is. This realization automatically relegates all seeming powers to their rightful place as erroneous concepts and relieves a great deal of worry.

You have graduated beyond the seeking and searching that was necessary at the beginning of your spiritual awakening. You now understand that everything you sought for over lifetimes was and is already present within you. Rather than continuing to search and seek, it is time to live the truth you know in every aspect of “ordinary” every day living and ceasing to judge some experiences as good and others as bad.

You are quickly moving into new and higher dimensional states of consciousness yet some of you continue to seek and search in the belief that because you are not yet experiencing the fullness of your Divinity, you must continue to seek through rituals, practices, and begging God.

Once you know where the Key To All Things is hidden, continuing to seek and search for it in the outer simply acts to block access to it because the belief in separation is still alive and well in consciousness. Does the college graduate feel any need to keep learning grade school lessons?

LET GO of continuing to seek and search in the outer for that which you now know is and always has been fully present within! Allow your own Christ to be born regardless of how humble you may believe your stable to be.

No one is more worthy or deserving than another and no one is or ever will be barred from experiencing their personal CHRISTmas because it is the eternal reality.

In acknowledgement of your CHRISThood, we honor the true CHRISTmas of all.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/16/18

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