Thursday, December 20, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-20-18

Aye, Captain, The Solstice

Vortex Is Dead Ahead

Empires are crumbling in digital high-def all around us; now it's Goldman-Sachs' turn; Yuge:

And did we mention that Heads of State are rolling in Europe? We The People Have Awakened:

U.S. To Pull Troops From Syria Immediately! US warmongers and warhawks are very upset:

Peace is breaking out all over, the Market is slowly crashing and the Fed is in the [kill box]; Grok on:

A double dip of Benjamin this week; his full Report and a very well done recent interview of his:

Jordan s spaced out again; happens every time he reports on the disclosure of the SSP's; Grok sum:

For desert, Lionel raps down the Q Phenomenon et al; a juicy rant suitable for Red-pilling newbies;

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