Monday, December 10, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-9-18

Some Postcards From The Digital Trenches

KP is right about this Q-Anon breadcrumb analysis, it's hilarious viewing and spot on; git sum:

Take another deep dive with a sterling Anon breakdown of recent Q-Drops. Totally grokkable:

Here's another example of typical LSM crap about Q-Anon, but hey, they are forced to give the resistance some coverage. At this point, any publicity is good publicity; Conspiratorium Rules:

Anna Von Reitz clears up another urban legend about purloined gold belonging to our Republic:

Remember, in spite of the anti-Q spin, all Q-Anon media coverage is welcome:

This is rich: an MI6 (Cabal) spook gets to evaluate weaponized 5G made in China; go figure:

A new study of a lesser known Bush Crime Family member; Unkle Bucky! Ya gotta be kidding:

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