Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-3-18

 Obergruppenführer Scherf,

Goodby And Good Riddance

Alliance author, Caitlin Johnstone does a fine job of calling out Bush '41 on his copious misdeeds:

Jordan Sather on the departure of Bush '41, the 34th embodiment of this Dark Reptilian soul:git sum:

Good short video on JFK, Jr. and the Great ReveaL; this explains why and when DJT took the job:

Perhaps a more truthful retrospective of "Poppy" GHW Bush - The Mother of All Drug Dealers:

The world's militaries are getting wise to being used all these years by Team Dark for their wet-work:

I’ve been waiting for the day that PCR swallows the Red Pill; my patience has been rewarded. I can visualize him forming a Gey Panther - Curmudgeons For Q Group in the near future: Ponderable, Eh:
We finish off with this from James Gilliland discussing the coming Galactic Reunion; BYO bro:

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