Monday, December 24, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-24-18


'Twas The Night Before New Earth...

May we all Walk In Beauty, out of the busted-ass old Matrix and into 5D New Earth; And So It Is:

It's high time to bring all forms of colonialism and human exploitation to a screeching halt; Basta!:

The Aussie's (State and RC Church) bad behavior towards Indigenous finally comes to light as an
Aboriginal wolf-in-clerical garb gets national exposure down under. More Satanic fractals. folks:

Cabal Eco-cide programs don't have to be profitable to continue; they play the Long Game w/ our $:

The malevolence of predatory corporate leadership is mind-boggling; think Big Tobacco:

It looks like Santa Trump is going to surprise the world with a new, improved financial system; Yuge:

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