Saturday, December 1, 2018

Disclosure Digest 11-30-18

It's High Times In Telos, Folks

Sister Sandra, from the Telosian cheer leading squad, graces us with another timely Energy Update:

The perfect gift for the Patriot on your list. The 'print 'em yourself option' keeps costs low; git sum:

Chemtrail Disclosure Redux courtesy of JS at Destroying The Illusion site; Spot On Stuff:

Here we go with some cosmic wave surfing tips from, who else, Creator; short and sweet:

The tobacco industry really perfected this Satanic business model right after W.W. II; sick shit:

 Western ‘temples to colonial theft’ should return looted artifacts to where they belong; RT's on it:  

Today's wrap-up will be courtesy of Multiple-Mike Quinsey and his Multi-Dimensional Mates:

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