Sunday, December 30, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-31-18

Party On Dudes, Dudettes And Ding-Dongs!

We kick off this end-of-year breadcrumb collection with this latest op-ed from GAoG; good stuff:

Holy Smoke is what we should call this Shamanic staple; I learn something new every day:

Magenta Speaks!   This Facebook Q&A comes to us courtesy of Suzanne Maresca; Git Sum:

An in-depth look into the manipulative psychological tricks played on you by the MSM; Disgusting:

Jordan is back on YouTube, here's his latest video on recent mainstream SSP press coverage; grok on:

Rumor has it that the folks at the Lunar Operations Command Center are fond of Chinese take-out:

Brad Johnson has channelled Adronis (from 6D) for the last 10 years; this is his take on 2019:

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