Saturday, December 22, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-22-18

Welcome To The December 2018

Full Moon Follies


 The French have style and panache, even while getting busted; Vive La Revolution:

Here's the EcoAstrology Update: Solstice and Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon for 12-22-18:

 It's been two years since this article was written and, finally, the bad actors are being arrested:

Here is another broad-view article on what is unfolding at this time on planet Earth; grok sum:

Why am I ever so suspicious of the true motives behind this program; the NIH promotes disease:

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for this two part piece 'Am I worthy To Ascend'; short answer -Yes:

Morag O'Brien has got some choice Full Moon advice for us from her folks-in-the-rafters:

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