Friday, December 21, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-21-18

Wishing You All A 

Cheerful Solstice Observance

Sandra Walter, Our Lovely Lady of Mount Shasta, leads us off with her observations and suggestions:

IMHO Rev. Wanda is a phenomenal medical intuitive and a National Treasure; Love-Your-Liver Rap:

I've come to the conclusion that all artificial sweeteners are dangerous neuro-toxins; yucky stuff:

As an ex-nurse I can vouch for the dangerous state of hospital hygiene; messy medical mafiosi:

It's well past time to expose and remove the embedded anti-life 4Th Reich eugenics programs; STAT:

Now that you've cleaned up your nutritional act, how 'bout some Love for your Pineal Gland:

Macron is a Dead President Walking; his own military offered him safe one-way passage to Zug:

Magenta Pixie fans will just love this Solstice 2018 Guided Meditation; I'd listen to her read the phone book; the Queen's English, when properly elocuted, just soothes my Soul:

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