Saturday, December 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-14-18

Begone Ye Central Bankers!

To The Nether Regions!

This is a particularly relevant Q&A from The Council via Ron Head; grok on:

KejRaj from Era Of Light keeps abreast of RV news and crafts a good op-ed piece: to wit:

Lordy, Lordy, they gonna follow all that black money right out into space! Nanu, nanu:

Mis-info abounds as KP well knows; the quantum realities are being seen and felt by all:

Institutional child abuse is more rampant than folks can wrap their heads around; Boom:

I believe we are witnessing the Confounding of the Cabal Corporatocracy, on and off planet:

This is a not insignificant stride forward in the ongoing battle to clean up our food supplies:

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