Friday, December 14, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-13-18

Welcome To The Time Machine,

Can You Spell 'Kalachakra?'

Brother Beckow pulls it all together again with style and panache; git sum

A sampling of the fiery voice of Hue-rebel blogger - Caitlin Johnstone; ponder up, pardners:

More and more millennials are awakening via pop culture exposes such as this one;

This weeks Benjamin Fulford Report: "The Secret War Centers on SWIFT, yada yada:

The worldwide reveal of this heinous illicit trafficking in human flesh is rapidly accelerating:

Catching up with young Jordan we present two of his latest updates for your viewing pleasure:

And, lastly, this 12:12 Cosmic Tune-Up courtesy of Gregg Prescott at; grok up:

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