Sunday, December 16, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-16-18

We Can All Rest Easier,

Knowing That The Dude Abides

Well, Blossom's gone and discovered the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything; Grok Sum:

With the exception of King Ashoka's realm, all empires have been ruthless, barbaric and war like;

The Clintons were a Cabal crime family, born and bred to the task and soon to be thoroughly busted:

It was the Dark Hand of the Cabal that created modern Big Pharma via the I.G. Farben Group:
Bad boy Bill Gates is still pushing for world domination through systemic bio-genocide; basta, dude:

There are lots of nasty bits worked into these 5G systems, so heavily pimped at this time; grok sum:

We round it all up today with an informative and positive year-end message from Multiple Mike:

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