Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-5-18

It's D5 And The Storm Is Upon Us

This upbeat little channelled message from KejRaj; seems a good way to kick things off today:

Water is the multidimensional thread connecting all Sentient Beings in our Galaxy; Respect it:

Let's forgo the Washington Swamp and take a close look at the bio-sludge industry; major bad idea:

Laura Eisenhower explains the nuts and bolts of Cabal elite Satanic conditioning programs; Yuck:

Kudos to Tony Robbins, one of the very few celebs to come out against this world wide abomination: 

Ben is really getting into the meaty part of the ongoing Cabal take-down, as always, use discretion:

Here is some more backstory our 5D downstairs neighbors, The Agarthans via Sharula od Telos:

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