Sunday, December 23, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-23-18

Oh, I Just Love What You've Done
To The Old Neighborhood

The FISA Scandal recap is somewhat tedious but the rest is Galactically spot on, IMHO:

Am expat actress views the Yellow Vest movement and comments on what she sees; Oui:

Peter Koenig gives us the European political view of the revolutionary changes afoot in France:

I'm an ex-nurse who got out of the Medical Mafia just in time; we earned our trustworthiness:

Pure Evil; give them cancer by poisoning the environment and then sell them the poison as a Cure:

These online investigative journalists are busy getting the Truth out to all; Patriots All - Grok Sum:

This Anon inspired YouTube clip is a hoot; git sum Twelve Q Drops of Christmas! 

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