Thursday, December 20, 2018

Disclosure Digest 12-19-18

Welcome, Pilgrim

Rosanne Lindsay at Waking Times creates a masterful Hitchhiker's Guide to Earth School:

This spot on channeling from Jen and the White Wolf Tribe seems to fit right in here:

Solara An-Ra brings us this charming Solstice Message to ponder; grok on Tovariches:

Saul gives us an upbeat Solstice pep-talk in this his latest via John Smallman; git sum Galacti-Jew:

Dianne Canfield is hyper tuned in to the chart-busting New Energies coming in; magical indeed:

Brenda's Blog is strongly recommending a serious R&R program for all exhausted Ascenders; chill:

AA Gabriel advises 'Calling in Your Guiding Light'; DT sez - avoid fluorescence:

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