Sunday, February 15, 2015

Angelic Guides: "Your Reality Is Shifting To A New Paradigm"

  Channelled By Taryn Crimi On 2-13-15

Today we would like to focus your attention on your perceived reality. Many are watching as the entire “world” is seemingly in some sort of chaos. But know that things are not always as they seem to be. There are many opposing view points that are being brought to the collective’s attention.

Remember, you cannot change what you do not know. These extremes are being brought to your attention, not so that you can force your views upon another but rather so that you can see that all wish for the same end result; you merely have different opinions of how to reach the desired outcome.

Much corruption has been allowed to exist within reality, it has been there all along, however it is only now that your collective is strong enough to redirect it, to shift what you no longer wish to have on your planet. Most of your policies, institutions, and governments are in need of change as they can no longer be sustained if you wish to create something entirely new. Though, you must know that from every wreckage comes an opportunity to build something much greater. You cannot have the new unless you are willing to let go of the old.

This is a very big lesson and we would say a more challenging one for many of you at this time. You are capable of being a pillar of peace for those whose lives seem to be in the midst of so much chaos. Many of you have done extensive work on an individual level to rid yourselves of that which no longer serves you, and, as a result, you are now more than capable of grounding your inner peace and faith that all is not falling apart but rather that it is being rebuilt as you have wished.

You see, enough of you have focused so intensely on releasing all that no longer serves you, that the change has now reached the masses. The collective is now being urged to come together as one to change and shift the world you co-create into a world you wish to live.

Remember, no event has a label of either good or bad, it is you who chooses to focus on either the positive or the negative of any situation. There are those of you who will look for the benefits of these collective clearings and there are others who will only see destruction; it is always entirely up to you. This is one of the reasons why we have said that "perspective" will play such a large role in your lives this year.

As you look around there are many all over the world who see only devastation and chaos; but know that nothing new can grow in a garden that is choked by weeds. The weeds must be uprooted; they must be removed before you can plant your seeds for the harvest. We understand that it can be disconcerting to say the least, but you have come into this life more than prepared for this. This is what you are here for, to shine your light and ground peaceful energy for those who have lost their way. It’s your time to shine.

Listen to your inner guidance for reassurance that all is unfolding exactly as it should be. Know that all is not lost, it is simply being removed so you can replace it with something much better. Do not get pulled back down into the energy of fear and despair, you have all the tools you need to thrive in these tumultuous times. For every one light-worker, know that there are hundreds of others working on the other side of the veil right alongside of you.

We share this message with you to offer our words of encouragement, for those of you who are watching your world seemingly get worse when in fact it is in the process of getting much better. Know that you do not have to attract the chaos that appears to be erupting around your world into your own individual lives. Many of you have already worked extensively on your inner beliefs and as a result you have shifted through your own individual chaos already.

We encourage you to hold your peace, for that is what the world is most in need of. You have chosen to awaken before the masses and as a result you are now capable of helping to stabilize the collective energy as the masses now begin to awaken to the changes that must now take place. There is a saying on your world that we feel fits this situation quite well; it says, “we never said that this process would be easy, we said that it would be worth it.” And so it is.

Where one sees chaos, you can see transformation. Where one chooses to see devastation you can see a new platform for change. This is the change you have all been waiting for. Know that this perceived chaos is not the beginning of the “end” but a new beginning. The old must be allowed to fall away so that you can create the world you have dreamed of. Events are becoming more extreme, but know that it is not because you live in a world which is continually getting worse, but because you have prayed to live in a world far better.

These events which may seem horrific, the tragedies that seem to be more and more frequent are not a sign that your world is in peril. It is allowing that which was hidden to now be in plain view. So with that we that we ask that you hold your focus upon the world you wish to create, rather than how you believe it should be created. Allow the universe to use the path of least resistance. All you must do is determine what you desire to create. Now is the time that you are determining what your world will become, so choose wisely. Be in peace.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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