Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mind-Droppings From The People's Republic Of Boulder


By DT The ET On 2-12-15

 When I asked a dear friend and psychic counselor in Arizona how she viewed the next six weeks this was her reply:

I like you feel like we will we see some positive changes this month...  the Guides keep pointing to the spring of this year for breakthroughs that will become visible to us in the outer reality.  I am feeling very optimistic for something in March (don't know why). 

Having said that...  know that the Guides have been preparing me with messages that we could see something that on the outer levels (such as temporary martial law) that would look and feel horrific or catastrophic), but that within a very short time (like 24 to 48 hours...  that fast ESPECIALLY if we use the experience to it's fullest potential...  which is like a homeopathic remedy...  to detox and expel those energies that need to be released from within us) that we (for example) will discover that the "white hats" within the government are now in charge, and what looked like disaster and/or even apocalyptic was in fact a temporary freeze to literally allow the apprehension of the "bad" guys...  all those folks moving in illegitimate authority.
They stress it is essential to STAY in our bodies...  staying present to any fear or reactions within us (such as fear, anger or terror).  Allow those energies TO BE TRIGGERED understanding that these events will be assisting us to release the last remnants of the old energies.

Stay in trust but do not move into denial.   Things may briefly look VERY dark...  but stay with the process allowing the physical and emotional bodies to release all energies held below the level of our conscious awareness.  It's ALL good...  but as always...  the ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH!!!  :)

Much love to you and Denny, and talk to you soon!

Sedona Madonna
My reply:

This is great stuff; totally in alignment with my own feelings and what I'm gleaning from posted channellings (both current and vintage.)

I have visions of US Marshals rounding up thousands of politicos, senior bureaucrats, judges and lobbyists, to name but a few, to clear the way for the restoration of the Republic.  I also hear the shrill screams of the corporate media, and even some alternate media types, as the US Corporation is shut down in one fell swoop.

I also agree with the 48 hr. window and I believe that President Obama will be the unchanging centerpiece during the transition.  This is what he came to this planet to do and his true (multidimensional) colors will become very apparent as the roll-out of NESARA quickly follows the cleanup of our central government.

All this will be done without cataclysm, economic or social, though some false-flag incidents may be launched but to no end.

Those arrested will be charged with multiple crimes as the indictments have already been drawn up and the irrefutable evidence of these crimes was substantially supplied by the NSA data sweeps!  These folks spied on Everyone, including the powers that were.   Archangel Michael spoke of this scenario back in 2011 and 2012 and here we are…Well La-Di Da…

DT the ET

Add to the above the final cessation of hostilities on planet Earth, by Divine Decree and the collective consensus of Hue-manity, and you have the stage set for a successful Planetary Ascension.  I can hardly wait for the cast party to begin...

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