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Sacred Sex...Git Sum!

 Is your Orgone all gone?  Did you pick the Blue Pill instead of the Red? Is that what's troubling you, Bunky? Well, read on; there may be hope for you yet...DT the ET

 By Suzanne Maresca On 2-11-15

We now have a record number of over eighty three thousand listens (and counting) to the first Heavenly Blessings show addressing the sacred nature of Human sexuality. I'm thrilled about this because the subject is a vital one in terms of our evolution.

Where shall I begin? It's such a huge topic with threads that run through into many areas of our lives. Our sexual nature lies at the core of our power...the awesome ability we have to create our own experience.

We really are only just now starting to even understand this truth much less embrace it: that what we think about, how we think about it, and mostly how we feel about it is precisely what builds the world around us.

The thing is that hardly any of it manifests instantly, and we've rarely connected the dots regarding how any given thing got pulled into our lives. The parking space fairy is of course an exception to the aforementioned statement.

Without knowing details of our every single action and consequence, maybe it's enough to just know that we do attract things to us.

It isn't even necessary to label what we've drawn in as good or bad because the truth of it is that all of it has been on purpose. Imagine that before you incarnated, you chose your family and even the experiences you would have...the things you would endure.

In that light, we have a deep knowing, consciously or not, that a certain kind of experience will serve us personally and ultimately collectively in some way.  Clearly, we all have experienced pain and suffering. This world of ours has been rather brutal at times.

By the same token, there is exquisite beauty here. Great love and Divine Creation exist together with what we now understand as the illusion of separation. The whole key to this ascension process is making the transition into Unity Consciousness, into understanding on a core level that we're all connected and on the same path.  That path may appear differently to each of us, as well as our varying perceptions of that path and our place on it.  Yet we remain as One.

How interesting it is that this is a collective process and the same time as it is a uniquely individual one. How I choose to meditate or plug in is different from how you do, and all ways are true.

Having said all that, now I'd like to get back to the show that's getting so many listens. One could argue that sex sells, and that our fascination with anything to do with sex is what makes this particular show so compelling.

Perhaps it might be more accurately stated that we're simply bone tired of being ashamed. Lots of others have taken up this subject throughout history, and I think maybe we weren't ready yet as a group to embrace the idea that the way we're built is actually on purpose and of course Divine by design.

Until we can collectively release the shame we carry around the pleasure and joy of physical ecstasy, the more of us that choose to have this conversation, the better. Honestly, what could be more normal than knowing ourselves intimately? And unless we know ourselves intimately, I'm not sure we can truly know another in that way.

Mary Magdalene wondered in this show why anyone would assume a physical form and then wish to divorce themselves from the physical reality of being in a body.

She reminds us that the physical vessel is a sacred co-creation with the purpose of knowing joy and Love in all its forms. There has been too much denial of the physical reality.

Nothing could be further from the truth, she tells us, that the purpose of the body is to overcome the temptations of the body.

The Magdalena pointed out that one of the areas that was overlooked in the marriage between Yeshua and she was the patterning of what sacred union would look and feel like. It did not exclude sexuality or physical form.

Divine connection is not restricted to spiritual practice and also exists in our physical, emotional and mental bodies. This ascension is about being in physical form.

To ignore the body is absenting ourselves from one of the greatest joys.

Guilt, blame, shame, and fault are all constructs of the old 3rd dimension and we truly don't wish to carry them with us any longer.

Mary was abundantly clear and quite candid when she spoke of masturbation. At that moment of ecstasy, everything falls away and we feel that connection to the Divine and become that spark of light once again. Remembering this truth dis-empowers those who tell us that we need to go through them to reach the Divine.

There is nothing casual about sex and intercourse. She points out that many seek merger with the Divine over the course of years through whatever spiritual practice, yet when we engage in sexual intercourse, we're merging with the energies of our partner and in that moment of bliss, we're also merging with our twin flame. We return to that spark of light and merge with All That Is.

“The Mother has been very clear and I will be very clear, it is about bringing it all into your body.

And you say, “Well, I do not know if I can carry all that.” Dear heart, you are constructed to carry all that and when you think of the term of orgasm, of that sense of bliss, yes you return to the spark of light but it is also a precursor, a sample if you would, of what it feels like to live and to be in physical Divine Union at all times.”

In a subsequent show on this same topic, St. Germaine shared his perspective on human sexuality and experiencing being in physical form.

He spoke as a being who has been a man and who has learned the truth; that the journey of being in these magnificent forms called bodies, is intended to be a phenomenal walk of liberation, of freedom and of joy.

Sharing love is the entire purpose of being in form, he tells us. If we aren’t claiming and being in the fullness of our physical bodies, we are missing the point.

He urges us to know the truth of your bodies and asks, if we don't know what pleases us physically, how can we share and even be interested in knowing what pleases our beloved physically?

In embracing our own beauty and the beauty of those around us and of Gaia, we open our third and fourth eye and our neural pathways.

St. Germaine speaks to the alchemy of orgasm:
“You are completely present and you are not present at all. You are the spark of light, the sheerest of energies, and you are so fully physical at the same moment. And in that alchemical moment, you are connecting, you are becoming the sheer energy and re-connecting, not merely with your divinity, but with THE Divinity. When I say that I have the honor to claim that I am master, not only of the Violet Flame, but of the I AM Presence, do you get there by deep meditation, by ritual, by prayer? Yes you can. But you also get there in that physical moment of orgasm, of truly letting go. Because, what you are doing is declaring your freedom. You are saying, 'I am fully a physical being and I am nothing other than this spark and point of light!'”

He then revealed a most exciting and wonderful thing: “I never had sexual intercourse with a partner, male or female, that we did not discuss beforehand, the nature of what we were bringing forth.”

This is a most awesome revelation because in my perception, it lies at the very heart of our power to create our reality. We can use the power of orgasm to bring more Light to our world!

Orgasm is a powerful tool that we were taught to forget. The miracle of creating children was never forgotten, but the rest of it was placed out of reach. He asks that we bring it back as a way in which we co-create directly with our I Am Presence, our partner's I Am Presence and with The I Am Presence.

St. Germaine ended with this loving reminder:

“Take time to nourish, to touch, to taste, to smell, to listen to your body, to your beloved physical, magnificent, rich body. You are made out of the essence of One. You are the essence of intergalactics. You are the essence of angels. You are the essence of Gaia. How could you possibly not love yourself?”

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