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The Nine On Metatronic Light Codes (Expansion beyond the Theta) -Transcript


Channelled and Transcribed By Magenta Pixie On 3-30-12

 Metatronic Light Codes (Expansion beyond the Theta)

Mind expansion is but one stream into the higher ascended frequency - many go in through the heart and this is a most advised gateway - yet balance within the higher chakras, whilst keeping anchored to the new developing Earth is your golden pathway to Ascension.

The expansion of the higher thought patterns into the theta brainwave mappings and beyond the theta is the higher stream and there are many streams within this. Audio visuals combined with high level creativity, art, sound and matrix - free energy quantum work are all streams growing exponentially upon your Earth now - in your year of 2012.

We bring to you today keys and codes that fire the pathways into the imagination fields of hyperspace and trigger the psychoactive chemical reactions, the DNA activation and the quantum memory streams within your biological fields.

Beginning with the Angelic we would draw your attention to the Metatronic frequency. The is but one key into the higher stream we speak of. Visualising the Arch Angel Metratron within healing work, automatic writing, prayer, meditations, yoga and other bodily movements and psychic communications unlock the gateway into the mind expansion.

The Angelic has a quantum field of fractal vortex layers and within your inner travels you can go anywhere - the guidance of Metatron will lead you through a laid out map of co-ordinates and invite you to create your own. One can embrace the Archangel Hierarchy and all the winged consciousness structures throughout the polarised positive realms. One can choose one's imagery and path or follow the laid out path presented by others, the Wayshowers, the bringers of the Angelic frequency into your reality.

There are many who work with the Angelic symbology and they present the teachings and the energies in various ways. One need only ask to be led to the audios, artwork, music, books, writings, videos, websites, talks and workshops that are currently available and active within your reality in your Earth year of 2012

We suggest the metatronic energy as your guidance at this time for he holds the true "Father" energy if you will, the balanced patriarch that always embraces the matriarchal divine feminine even as he stands as masculine energy. However those that work currently with specific angelic guidance are advised to continue along that stream, following the guidance that comes from the relationship of trust you have already built.

For the newcomers into the Ascension frequencies and mind expansions we give to  you Metatron.  For those working with the Angelic frequency or other symbologies and personality structures it may be that Metatron shall be introduced to you within the collective field of archetypes that are your "crew" if you will. The Metatronic energies are within each and every individual yet are known by many names, many colours, many faces.

This is a focus for the beginner - or rather should we say a focus for one who has embraced the shamanic path of sacred geometric light and now calls for focus and activation. Indeed - this is the symbology we give you now - keys to focus and activation.

The time is now for the energy body around your human forms to come into balance and as you move through trauma, illness, distress, spiritual disillusionment and for many a breakdown of all previous thought processes you transmute, transform and transcend into a newly formed, newly created, modern, ancient structure - a new paradigm, a new world, a new dimension, a new brain mapping - beyond the theta state. In order to restructure one comes into focus and activation. Focus and activation.

Through the angelic frequency the metatronic energy can be a guiding light, a force of power, the strongest love - unconditional in all things. Non judgemental in all things. Abundance of plenty and creation in the highest degree. Yet the Metratronic guide is not an easy guide - he will come to you when you are ready and may present in many forms.

There are many who shy away from certain terminologies, labels and names such as Metratron, Galactic Federation or indeed Lucifer. Remember that all is as you make it and all is what you recognise, feel and see, The energy is but a reflection of yourself and whilst certain terminology is a good map - or dictionary if you will - it can also be limiting. In true ascension and higher awareness there are no limits and distractions are moved away easily with the simple wave of one's hand.

Therefore choose the terminology that resonates with your soul and if the Metratron presentation does not then there are the loving aspects of Michael, Gabriel, Sananda, Mary and oh so many others - they come in all shapes and sizes, all colours, all vibrations - each the holographic replica of the whole - as are you.

For those who embrace the Metratronic energies of love light we would suggest to you that you build your relationship with this Angel of Ascension. Yet we would say to you that the relationship moves fast now in your year of 2012 - it will always move at your pace and it is your pace that is quickening now as you move and grow and expand with the rhythms of the Earth's heartbeat.

Therefore visualise he who has been called unto you, through our presentation, we the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine introduce to you the Angelic consciousness structure known as Metatron. He is large in size from your perspective yet just as easily embraces the microcosm as he does the microcosmic universe. He rides upon the rays of Magenta and Purple with hues of violet and he can be communicated with through the heart, he can be seen through the third eye and blended with through the crown.

In your visualisation of the king wearing Magenta Robes and riding a horse adorned in purple. Build your relationship and embrace the feelings of strength, power, protection, warrior skill and male dynamics. Wonder at the focus and activation that takes place forthwith. And when you are ready, only when you are ready - view the transformation before you - the upgrade if you will from humanoid presented Angelic form to mathematical, geometric presented Angelic form - and here you have what many know as Metatron's cube.

A good starting place is it not? One can see how this opening to mind expansion and triggering beyond the theta brainwave mapping does not necessarily place one on the first rung of the ladder if you will. For once the playground teachings of enlightenment flourished within their hidden, occult mysteries. Now - the everday Ascending human is at university standard - this we address to you. We address this personally to you....You know who you are.

Doubt no more - even whilst doubt has been your teaching tool and in that regard your friend - doubt no more for you are the one whole holds the power to traverse the glorious realms of hyperspace as the beyond the theta brainwave mappings are activated within you. You are becoming geniuses! And those that would seek to hold you back are stepping back into their decline in their rush to get to the finish line. Those that hold the stance of conduits of light hold the antidotes to the control that has beset you  - and who may they be I hear you ask? Why you - you who hears our words now - who feels are words now - YOU are the conduits of light we speak of and you ARE the antidote!

WE are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

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