Friday, February 6, 2015

The End of Duality

Alchemy (or creation), requires a frequency that is defined collectively by the reality that we live in. We can not exist outside of that range, we are limited by it, and if we choose to try to use this energy consciously, we are bound by the limitations and constraints that are currently defined.

Raising your consciousness, increasing your frequency, healing your own individual energetic blueprint brings you more peace, less suffering, more faith, less extremes, more information - however it does not give you more power to create in a reality that is defined by fragmentation and duality.

Until our reality or energetic grid is activated, upgraded and online and can override the outdated 'filter' system, those that embody the new frequencies still have to live in the reality of the old. This can appear as though you are disconnected from everything that is currently operating in the old ways and makes it difficult or shall I say impossible, to fit into the old ways.

That is about to change.

Duality is simply the term used to define the current / soon to be past energetic structure here on this planet. Feminine / Masculine, Positive/ Negative, Day / Night, Good/Bad, Black/White - the physical manifestation of duality is everywhere we look.

Due to the limitation of the collective energetic body, we can only create within duality. Meaning, we all are fragmented in one way or another and need another 'partner' or group in order to merge with, in order to meet the frequency requirements to penetrate the physical world and create. Due to the manipulated and defined limited nature of our collective energetic blueprint, the individual has not been able to embody the frequency of alchemy or creation alone - this is simply the constraints of the reality that we live in.

The masculine and feminine blueprints currently must overlap in order to complete the energetic charge necessary to penetrate the physical. Due to so many variables, fragmentations and intents (most unconscious due to the fear mind control systems in place) this creation is never conscious, usually used to serve the most dominant partner's best interest and manifests as the chaos that we see in the world, in our relationships, in our lives.

I was shown that the energetic blueprint of all creation in simple terms = [Mental - Emotional - Energetic - Physical].

The Masculine frequencies lack the emotional body, and this fragmentation actually blocks their ability to personally move their energy or ideas into something physical. These people love to talk, or sell things, or tell others what to do - mainly in their frustration of not being able to move this energy themselves. They also lack emotion, so they do not feel much.. it is easier for these people to be in this reality since they do not feel. They have no problem with the suffering and pain because their emotional bodies are blocked. Those that have the most 'fans' or feminine personas giving away their energy to these people either through idolism or 'control', have the most power in this physical reality.

The Feminine frequencies lack the mental body, so they are typically attracted to strong minded masculine energies. They have no self, it is difficult for them to put themselves first, say no to people, they are usually the submissive types that will give, give, give themselves to all around them. They are usually very good creators (the builders in construction, the secretary that keeps their bosses' lives together, the factory workers that actually create products, the nurses that take care of others). They have the ability to touch the physical world, keep it organized, neat and sometimes beautiful - but they are always the servants of the masculine - fulfilling their agendas, rarely creating for themselves.

Someone that cleans houses for other people, but can not keep their own home beautiful and neat is a very good example of this as well. The feminine also has a functioning emotional body which enables their ability to 'touch the physical world', so they are sensitive. Despite being comfortable with people telling them what to do due to their energetic blueprint, they are still sensitive to the taking of their energies, can sense something isn't right about it and so their emotions are not stable. They feel pain - acutely. It is not easy for them to exist in this reality. They will often look beaten up, or beaten down... due to the masculine projection on them constantly.

We all embody a variation of these frequencies and in order to create (or experience life in this reality) we must merge with the opposite energetic blueprint to then complete the electrical charge necessary to work with the energy in our grid system. When someone speaks of their soul mate, twin flame - the key is understanding this opposite energetic, and then rubbing against that individual so to speak, over and over again with love and understanding through the difficult conflicts, is to balance each other out. Encourage the masculine aspects to start to feel again, to create for themselves.

Encourage the feminine to use their minds for themselves, put themselves first.. Be very aware of all dominant qualities we have over each other, and consciously heal them. See greatness in each other as opposed to being a victim to the fragmentation and pattern which tells us to dominate each other in fear. Become whole again in loving the opposite aspects of ourselves.

This process then allows us to become whole energetically. Individual and Powerful. Empathetic and Compassionate. Non Controlling of others. Controlling and very aware and focused of our own energies to then create for ourselves. True Alchemy.

Once the earth's collective heart chakra is activated and online - these are the people who have unplugged from the old system, and will be able to plug into the energy grid to create. This new energy grid will allow a new 'range' of frequencies for us to play with, create with and experience.

One that is much different than the reality we exist in now. This power (or frequency) must be earned, it can not be bought, someone else can not do this for you. You can only hook into this new reality by opening the door to the high frequency that will be available to all. The difference is that the truth will be there for everyone to know, and that truth will help guide everyone along in a much easier, healing direction.

The Activation of the Heart Grid

Up until this point, the higher frequency energies being absorbed by the earth have been used to strengthen the collective feminine blueprint. Pushing up the collective feminine energies, so they were not so easily hijacked by the masculine.

The people who have dominated this energetic structure of this planet had no interest in allowing this planet to evolve naturally, so this was the only way 'in' so to speak. Since the masculine views the feminine in such a small way, they truly believed that this method was not going to work; that they were protected from this inevitable change.

However, for the first time last week, this energy of light has penetrated the masculine blueprints. This manipulation of our energy structure has been protected by layers of energy and doors that have been difficult for the light to find and penetrate. All energetic structures that are dominated by the masculine fragmentation, will begin to be 'lit' up so to speak, the truth will be there for all to understand, and their old ways will have less and less power.

The slow healing of this imbalance will now begin to look like a total collapse. Once the actual heart chakra and new grid is online and activated, their ability to plug into the physical reality will be NONE. Only those with the earned frequency will then be able to 'plug' in so to speak, thus truly signaling the power change on this planet. I am fairly certain that none of us will have to question the moment that changeover occurs.

I believe we will begin to see more and more of the people who think they understand the nature of this reality and the changes that are occurring that were on the dark side, start to pose as higher frequency beings or companies. Coke or McDonalds for example with their 'pay with love.' More and more vegetarians are status type people - as they wear fur and don't understand our connection with animals. They understand with their minds what is about to occur, however they have no idea of the heart-path they will soon be asked to 'know."

That is what will be so wonderful about this new reality. One can not fake greatness, fake self-love, one can not buy themselves a ticket into heaven. It is a frequency, not a show, not a game, not something to be bought. A key that can only be earned through feeling your way out of the dark.

Only those that have attachments to the old ways will see this collapse as painful. Let's always remember that we were all individually unplugged at some point in this journey. Let's always remember to have compassion and empathy for those that will soon experience the same. Let's cheerlead them on and champion joy, peace and love through our actions and creations.

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