Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Council: Many Will Look Back And Say, “What Happened?”

Channeled by Ron Head On 1-31-15

The Council:We will illustrate today’s message by asking you to picture a drop of water falling into the bottom of a wooden bucket. Now this drop does not realize that she is not alone, but in fact, will be followed by two more drops, as will each of them.

As the first drop lands in the empty bucket, it splatters. And it seems as if the effect is only a small damp spot on the bottom of the bucket. And then the two following drops land in widely spaced spots. There is still no apparent buildup of water in the bucket, but now there are four more drops on the way.

This is very much a good illustration of the awakening you are a part of at this time. Of course there are many more than two whom you will affect. Let us carry this illustration forward.

Soon there are enough drops in the bucket to make a visible rising of the water level. And the amount of drop continues to double. Then the bucket appears to be filling. Not long after, the water seems about ready to spill over the edge.

That, friends, is exactly the state of your consciousness bucket at this time. And the drops keep multiplying. Or to use another analogy that you are fond of, you are the ninety-ninth monkey.

Now it is not necessary for you to find the last monkey, the one hundredth monkey. As a matter of fact, what follows will be one hundred and ninety-eight monkeys, right? All that you need do is take care of your own consciousness and watch the fun.

The spill over the sides of the bucket has begun. Watch. Observe. Enjoy. Make it your intent to see the positive side of what is happening around you. See the changes as what is needed to produce the next higher condition. We promise you, not long from now many will look back and say, “What happened?” Be the water drop who knows. And yes, we know we have hopelessly mixed our metaphors. Enjoy that, too.

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