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The Currents Of Cosmic Intervention


Channelled By Sandra Walter On 2-6-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Ascension Path LogoThank you for your patience as I completed the Ascension Path upgrades. I AM very pleased with the new videos, meditations, techniques and materials. I welcome all who are guided to participate to register now. I AM honored to serve both your personal journey and our collective evolution in this way.

Equinox Floodgates OPEN

On January 24, during the last gateway, a giant energetic door was opened. In my visions, it presented like a giant wall of rock splitting open, like the gates of a damn swinging wide. It was a massive floodgate releasing the accelerated energies of 2015; specifically, the Equinox through Blood Moon passages in March/April and September. I have described these before; this series of four passages serve as an attunement device for those who will experience dramatic shifts in consciousness and embodiment of Christed States of Consciousness before the rest of the collective.

You are already feeling the intensity of these energies. There may be sensations of anxiety, or urgency, or a deep intuition that something very different is about to present for the Ascending collective - and may I emphasize this will be unique to the Ascending collective. As the Pleiadians said in 1999; Pay no attention to the distractions near the finish line; stay focused on the path.

You may feel that everything needs to be completed, tidied up, in order to free yourself for a brand-new experience. That can be challenging, especially for those of you who are in the role of teacher, healer or guide. Know that in order to demonstrate new levels of consciousness, in order to clear new paths for the collective, there must be focused passages where there is no engagement with lower-level constructs.

For some of you that means an hour or a day of private time. For others it could mean a week or month of dedicated focus on the Ascension process with the higher realms of consciousness presenting to assist you. Regardless of your grounded schedule, the energies of 2015 and the upcoming Equinox gateway will dominate your process if you are one of the first to embody this new experience of Christ consciousness.

The Christ or crystalline consciousness will express in unique ways, however they all have a unifying factor: Divine love, harmony, peace, and an unwavering alignment with the Fifth dimensional state of unity consciousness. The cosmic forces in play since January 24 are a great rushing force which will carry many into unchartered territory; areas of consciousness that have not been anchored before on the planet.

It is unique because there will be so many experiencing these new levels of light and embodiment, as opposed to the past when Masters would appear few and far between. This is supported by Gaia’s dimensional shift, now two years into anchoring, and the collective level of consciousness which has been raised by so many Wayshowers and those in service to the New Light.

The Currents of Cosmic Intervention

You are already sensing it beloveds. The moments, hours when you are experiencing the multidimensional merge, when you are interconnected with all expressions of your true self, will increase in length and intensity. The experience of oneness within the self may become overwhelming this year. The Higher Self and Divine Teams assist with adjustments, however it will be important to hold focus, ground in New Light ways whenever necessary, and sleep when you are able.

Spend a lot of time in nature this year. Many of the encoded light filaments coming onto the planet and emanating from Gaia's 5D/6D expression are easily taken into the body and activated in a natural, organic setting. This also applies to the internal environment of the body, the mind, and the energy fields. Do your best to provide as pure, calm, and relaxed of an environment for the embodiment of these new frequencies.

You serve as your own Mystery school during this passage, beloveds. Creative intuition will bridge you to the 5D state. Gather in new, organic ways; classic structure does not serve the expansion, there must be wide open space for the unknown. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Feel secure in your infinite faith, the Source of your Highest power.

Flow with these currents of Cosmic Intervention. Follow the impulses and let them activate micro-movements, moments of flow present in very acute, very precise little passages. Creation gets more precise as the shift advances; a higher vibration receives higher support. Witness the lines of light connecting the Ascending collective. Notice the difference in your Wayshowers. Honor these Masters, beloveds.

The pathways for experiencing multiple realities in the form have been cut. Feel this in your heart; know that this particular level of embodiment is the level that the Masters experienced in the past. You are evolving beyond that, however this next level occurs as a collective operation. It must be anchored in the collective consciousness as a platform for many to stand on.

Many of you will go far beyond that platform, however the first step is presenting right now.

The entry to the Golden Age, the Golden Race, is not your Ascension or their Ascension, it is a puzzle which can only be completed by all placing the last piece together; a Unified embodiment of the Christ consciousness. Bypass the grounded brick-and-mortar location issues and connect to the Ascending HUman Heart grid in the higher vibration - you know how to do this, trust it.

Prioritize your Alignment

This is your moment-to-moment training; when there is resistance, or difficulties arise, wait a moment. Breathe, reset, align, and move forward. Play with this. Sometimes it takes milliseconds to align with the New Light, sometimes it takes a day. Some creations need to be surrendered altogether, but you have a much higher level of Mastery over your own reality as you level up.

The energies present an opportunity to learn to use the power of the moment to consistently shift your reality into the highest possibility. Even with grounded, denser activities; do not reject or judge them as the wrong thing to do if you feel resistance. It may simply be alignment training which is presenting.

In the old light there was fear about doing the wrong thing or bad timing; now that your heart is attuned, or attuning, to the New Light flows, you will realize just how powerful Source-In-Carnate is. It is not about manipulating reality or controlling outcomes, it is about aligning with the highest levels of creative intelligence, which is Divine Love.

You are becoming Masters of walking between worlds, and that means something very new. Learn from this phase. Observe and participate in the creation of the reality around you. The energies will intensify quickly, phenomena will increase, the flashes, light beams, orbs and other dimensional bleed-through effects will increase dramatically.

For those embodying the New Light quickly, these gifts of communication and telepathic interaction will assist your service, path and the collective as you level up. You will receive all the support you need to shift quickly and permanently into higher and higher levels of consciousness if you align with the Solar Heart center and BE that SUN, that unique universe of Self-as-Source.

Consider the passage between now and mid-March as alignment training. The more acute your alignment, the more focused your perception, and the more willing you are to dedicate your consciousness to this stage of the Ascension process, the greater your results in the first Equinox to Blood Moon gateway.

Prove it to yourself, show yourself what you are capable of. This is a year of mastery, and initiates have a grand opportunity to demonstrate to HUmanity what is possible.

In Love, Light and Service,

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