Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Lightbringers: The Year 2015 - Birthing A New Reality

Channelled By Nancy Van Domelen On 2-15-15

The Purifying Power of Love
We welcome you, our dear friends. We come at a time when many of you are experiencing challenges in one or more areas of your life. The forces of disintegration and change are dominant and appearing in new and different ways to many of you who are reading our words. We would like to present a spiritual perspective that will offer assistance as you grapple with the events that are surfacing for you. It is important now more than ever that you possess a heightened awareness regarding yourselves so that you can navigate the waves of change that are manifesting all over the planet.

The state of flux that seems so prevalent everywhere is a necessary part of the transformation occurring throughout your universe. Earth and all those living on her surface are experiencing a purification long heralded by indigenous people all over the planet. There is a massive energy field encircling Earth, which contains the emotional residue of eons of time. This energy field needs to be broken up and dissolved in preparation for the new world that is emerging.

This is why there have been so many events occurring recently that evoke intense emotional response from those being affected. Look at the pain and suffering so many are having because of terrorism and personal violence. Rarely a day goes by without new accounts of death and destruction. This human condition is prevalent and has become ingrained in the human psyche as an accepted way of life.

What could possibly be positive regarding what we have just described? This is where a spiritual perspective is absolutely necessary when attempting to grapple with the forces that have been unleashed in your world. It is important to understand that there is a powerful unseen energetic component dominating the affairs of human beings on your planet. This component can best be described by one word — purification.

For eons, incarnating souls have been experiencing events in their lives that have elicited intense emotional reactions, both positive and negative. These emotions have been released intact into an energy field surrounding Earth where they have continued to reside until the present day. In order for incarnating souls to move up the spiral of life, it is necessary that this emotional energy field be dissipated and removed since it is restricting spiritual growth and development.

For this reason, there has been a dramatic increase in events all over the globe that cause emotional responses in people.  Many situations are surfacing causing intense emotional reactions that must be addressed and solved in ways not used before. The spiritually evolved person must possess an emotional nature that is steady, constant and unwavering. When one reaches this state consistently, he or she emits a positive vibration that assists in dissolving the energy field that has restricted Earth for so long.

Dissolving the band of negative energy surrounding the planet is one of the major tasks for incarnating souls at the present time. This has to be accomplished before any spiritual ascension can occur. This energy band restricts and prevents the expansion that incarnating souls are ready for. So, how does one accomplish this goal of expansion? As with all profound issues, it is so simple — through one and one way only, through the power of love.

Love of self, others and the Creator is the highest expression a person living on Earth can achieve while in incarnation. The vibration of love forms the underpinning of the universe on all levels of existence. When one is acting out of love in any situation, a vibration is released that helps to bring peace and serenity to any conflicted area. It sometimes requires herculean efforts to achieve that loving state when confronted with extreme provocation, but the positive results are evident on all levels.

For this reason, we ask that you do a fearless inventory of all areas of your life where intense emotions are surfacing. Are you able to remain steady, constant and unwavering and emit a vibration of peace and love no matter how difficult it is for you? Are you able to project a loving energy into any negative emotional situation that surfaces in your life, no matter how demanding it is to do so? If you can, you will have contributed to your own spiritual growth as well as the purification of the planet’s energy field.

Again, we speak to the importance of seeing yourself as a unit of spiritual essence inhabiting a human body on a journey of exploration and discovery. You exist in a unified field where all life is interconnected. You are in the process of developing personal powers and abilities far beyond what you can envision at the present time. These powers are enhanced when you connect with and draw upon the spiritual energy field radiating all about you. The power of love opens the door to higher realms. Open it and proceed up the spiral of life to a new state of being. You can do it!


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