Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kryon - Not Your Father's New Age...

By Lee Carroll On 2-11-15

February is upon us, and it contains many new energies. Those of you who have been reading and listening to the Kryon channels know that Kryon is aware of the times,   and he has told you, "This is not your father's New Age."

It isn't. There is something called "enhanced duality" that is occurring, where the black becomes blacker, and the white becomes whiter. You are seeing it on your news, where the horrors are some of the worst ever seen. False truth is being revealed, and it's becoming harder and harder to keep things from the public. All of this is taking place in the 2nd month of the year.

The number two in ancient Tibetan numerology means "structure and duality," and it's no accident that this seems to be the theme of our times at this moment. My main message to you right now is this: How are you doing with it? Kryon told you it was coming, so you know it was expected. Are you afraid? Many of you are looking at it all with wisdom and saying, "Finally, it has begun."

We are compassionate people, and it hurts our hearts to be exposed to the darkest of the dark. But as it happens, know this: Civilization is finally starting to awaken... slowly and partially... to the truth that they actually are together, and want peace on earth. Never again will the few control the many. This is what Old Souls all over the planet have been expecting, and now it's here. It's what Kryon has been predicting since 1989.

Blessings and peace to all of you!

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