Friday, February 6, 2015

Creation Energies: Super Beings


Channelled By Brenda Hoffman

Creation Energies
Dear Ones,
Many of you were excited about what you term, the Super Bowl – supposedly the ultimate football game. One team is the supreme winner – until the day after the game when everyone starts guessing which teams will participate in the next Super Bowl. It is not that observing 3D traditions is wrong, merely that super anything is short-lived in the 3D world.

There is a definite 3D right or wrong in terms of greatness. This movie star is perfect until you find out more about his or her background. This athletic star knows everything you need to know about the economy, interactions with others or any topic you decide is beyond your comprehension and must be turned over to someone greater than you.

Of course, those of you rolling down the hill from your very steep mountain climb are less likely to give credence to philosophies spouted by one-dimensional characters of your 3D world, but sometimes you even believe they have to be more wise than you for they have achieved such acclaim
It is beyond time for you to KNOW that you are as wise as any. Yet, you allow those in the media to project what little they know in so many arenas as gospel.

Your new being is much more wise than the vast majority. No one knows more than you in your new you area of expertise.

Realize that as pioneers of this New Earth, there are just a handful or less of you in each knowledge arena. That is not to say that your New Earth is lacking in knowledge, but instead for you to understand that only a few of you have the courage and skills to be first.

Of course, many will follow in every area of expertise. But for now, there is just you and perhaps a couple of others. Such seems unrealistic in terms of creating a new world/new Universes. But it is true. You are a courageous, multi-faceted being who is planting seeds in every area of humanity for now and later Universal existence.

There is no need to feel superior, but there is also no need to feel inferior. You have all the skills required to complete you new role(s) while part of 3D earth. Those merely spouting wisdom because the media touts their stardom in their limited field may be fun to observe, but are not your leaders nor your creators.

You have the knowledge – and now skills – to fully complete your mission without wondering whether a sports figure, movie star, religious leader or government official should be your leader. You are your own guru.

Granted, the above mentioned figures might provide insight that helps you tie your pieces of knowledge together in some sort of dynamic whole. But before you jump to the conclusion that you must listen to such figures for your inspiration in any area, know deep within you that with or without their information you are creating your role.

This is not an age of following anyone – much less someone who pretends to have the knowledge you require to fulfill your role. Their knowledge base for you is as fleeting as their stardom is or will be for them. Allow yourself to process any pieces they offer that seem interesting. But do not expect that somehow they – whoever they are – have more knowledge or courage than you.

You are the star, director, playwright, theater owner, costume designer, producer, lighting specialist and every other activity tied to your new production.

In the past, you may have been the star of your production, but you allowed others to have roles that seemed to control your activities. You allowed others to write your script, produce and direct your play and any other analogy you think of that tells you that you were functioning as a 3D pawn.

That world is gone. It is time for you to accept that you are in control of your life, your direction and your production. There is no one else, including media stars, who knows more about you than you. Allow that to be. Knowing that you can have fun with the media circus that is often the life of media stars, but those media stars know MUCH less about you than you.

Claim yourself. You have read of such for perhaps decades. It is finally time to acknowledge such throughout your being. Watch the super stars, laugh with the super stars, but allow yourself to know deep within you that they hold no more credence for you than your Road Runner cartoons of yesteryear . So be it. Amen.
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