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Mystical Etiquette Goes Viral...

 Channelled By Inelia Benz On 2-2-15

Looking Ahead - 2015 in View

Inelia Benz
In January 2014, I wrote about how the human collective felt much more powerful. What this meant is that it didn't matter if individuals were awake or asleep, they were more able to do, affect and influence themselves, their surrounding and the people in their lives and environment.

In 2015 I feel very strongly that we must take responsibility for our power. We can't expect the sleeping masses to take responsibility (ability to respond) as they are in a cycle of reaction rather than response, but we can't say the same about ourselves.

So what type of things are we talking about?

"I often hear individuals say that they seem to be getting more sensitive to the energies in crowds, in shops and other public places. Or more sensitive to the energies of people at work, their families and their friends. This is true. 

But also what is happening is that people around them, everyone on the planet, are becoming more powerful. They become more able to broadcast their energy, to broadcast their thoughts, intents, their fears, their desires, their stress, their joys… You name it, they’re broadcasting it, a thousand times more powerfully than what they used to do in the past.

At the same time, they’re also more able to influence their environment, including us, to fit into the reality they are creating day by day. Which, unfortunately, is mostly created through programs and external stimuli and manipulation. In other words, they are creating realities that conform with society’s rules and the rulers’ choreographed designs: programs, belief systems, religions. And mostly through fears.

On the other hand, we are also more powerful. All of us who have decided to wake up at this time. Not only are you more powerful, but are more powerful just by the fact that we can now consciously choose, what we want to do with our lives from our own decisions and not decisions taken from social or cultural programs, from traumas, from fears and from egoic manipulations, whether it’s our own ego or other people’s egos.

With this power comes a great responsibility. Remember: responsibility is not fault. It’s just and ability to respond. But also, it comes with a requirement to become more conscious about how we are using our energy, how we use our thoughts our intents and the emotional bodies.
What does this mean?

Well, it basically means that we are impinging into the energy fields, the mind, thoughts and the creative process of those around us. 

If we’re not conscious of this fact, we are walking around other people like a baby elephant in a china shop. 

So the first thing that we have to look at is how we manage our power. How we manage our energy field and thoughts.

It’s not about suppressing or not having any energy field. It’s not about suppressing or censoring out thoughts. But it’s about management. 

Just like when we were babies we learned how to speak, we learned when to cry, when to shout and scream, when to whisper, when to speak normally, when to speak with a smile, when to speak with a pout… It’s the same thing. It’s becoming conscious of our energy fields, conscious of how wide, how big we’re making them, who we are projecting them to. And then learning to adjust the volume, and the size, just like we learned to adjust our voice and our body language when we were babies.
We might call it mystical etiquette." 

And this is the thing. Mystical etiquette in years gone by would have been something only seasoned mystics would have known about, or been trained in. Today we all need to get some mystical etiquette under our belts. Not just for our own benefit, but also the benefit of those around us. Learning how to manage our and other people's energies, emotions, thoughts, intents and manifestations is not complicated at all. BUT it's very important.

Why is this so important?

Our human species, our human collective, has taken some really important decisions. The nature of those decisions is who goes and who stays in our evolutionary path. And how that decision is carried out, is by collective agreements and the co-creation of our reality.

Really simply stuff like, for example, if a person subscribes to being vaccinated every few months against one disease or other, then they are giving consent for their immune system to be compromised, their quality of life damaged, and their lifespan shortened dramatically. They do it from a place of fear and also from a place of giving away their power to people who "know best". 

At the same time, they will widely broadcast, and not just verbally but emotionally, mentally and energetically too, the fear they are feeling about the decease. Fear is a very low vibrational energy, and as they too are more powerful, that energy will impinge in our energy field. If we haven't trained ourselves to identify what is ours and what is someone else's, it can send us spinning down into lower vibrations really fast.

We've all experienced this type of stuff at one time or another. Things we had processed and were finished with, suddenly come back for no apparent reason... well, it's not ours. BUT it affects us because we are connected and are part of the human collective.

My solution? We learn how to manage, work with and positively empower our own  energetic, mental, emotional and physical output as well as consciously learning to respond and manage how we are affected by other people's broadcasts and influences. There is a ton of data on my website as well as on the internet on how to do this.  This month I have put together some immediate tools and information on an MP3 called Developing Mystical Skills for Everyday Life which specifically address these issues.

"One of the things I noticed was just that there’s been this kind of coming of age from The Shift. And I can really see that people who are awake, people who are waking and taking charge of their personal evolution by doing things for themselves that raises their vibration . . . listening to your show and things like this . . . really are stepping in. And the period has started where a person needs to learn how to manage their power because everyone is becoming more powerful. When you step into your power you become more powerful, so a learning and a looking for ways of how manage your energy. . . to manage your emotional body’s transmissions, your thoughts . . . your intent . . . all those things . . . I think it’s one of those things that started this year. So it’s like we graduated from kindergarten, now we have to start real school, you know." Inelia Benz on the Hundredth Monkey Radio Show.
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