Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Master Kuthumi: Stepping Into Your New Role - Being The Creator of YOUR World

Conveyed Via Méline Portia Lafont On 2-23-15 

Greetings Master Beings of Light, my fellow travelers and riders of the waves of infinity. I come to you with peace and with guidance to what comes and what IS. I call you all forth to participate in this world and this shift of the ages with perseverance and with effort, for what your plane is about to see is a mirage of changes, events and opportunities to shift the Human consciousness into Light consciousness.

And so you represent, each and everyone of you, this force of God's Will being the executers of the Divine blueprint that has been seeded upon this Earth. You shall keep in mind that all of you, who are to see the light in another and in the Self, are keepers of the New Earth and are the seeds of this new foundation. So let this be clear that all of you carry the responsibility to hold that light and this vibration within you at all times. I speak of the sophisticated Light frequency and knowledge that is one with the Christed Light.

Yet you do understand the importance of this all.. the Earth's shift in vibration is giving a sense of turmoil and so much clearing that one may perceive the understanding of wanting to leave this plane and to let it be for what it is. It feels too much for many and it requires all of your efforts and attention. This is so because you are beholding the great change indeed, and this on the inner level as well as on the outer level. It is as if all is coming your way and wanting to pass through you so it can be set free. Well, in a way it is so my dear friends, and it is a task you have all signed up for. But not for much too long anymore, for things are about to change.

The tasks you have agreed on and signed up for are about to change and shift, much the same way as your consciousness does. The “Cosmic generator ~ the special forces of clearing “ are to change their paths and tasks to another vibration and responsibility.  This has more to do with holding that Light and space within so that other waves of consciousness and other groups of Master beings can commence that which you call, for you, the old tasks. It concerns the real embodying of that which you call the Solar Christed Light. You have been clearing to get to this point and so you are getting ready to now hold that vibrational consciousness, which is pure Golden Light.

Those of you, who are called the first wavers on this planet, are ending your function of everlasting clearing devices and playing the roles of vehicles to set free old patterns. You pass on these roles to a new generation and a new wave of Master Beings who are to diligently take over and play their roles of Cosmic cleansing generator. Behold the change in shifts as it generates Truth through all in uniqueness. Every Human being on this Earth is a part of this Global foundation, whether it be the new or the old foundation: you are all present and thus playing your roles through consciousness.

All is in the Light of God consciousness and all is held into account in view of this last Human race to embody Galactic consciousness. It is the threshold to reach and it is the new reality to be embodied by you. Those who have walked this path of Ascension before are leading the way and assist the many unawakened ones in unique pathways, given by their own Light. Those who are struggling to survive in that which is falling shall come to see the infinity of all in other realities, and are given the opportunity to rise their consciousness and partake in that.

This is a great shift that is unfolding and it brings forth unique opportunities as well as deep revelations of all and the Self experienced through this world. The only thing to do at this time is to BE the Self at all times and to use every opportunity to expand your reality and consciousness, to anchor the inner peace and to see God's Will in all. This might sound strange and even unacceptable when large events of a dark note are taking place onto your World, but it is up to you to take away the fear and the attention to that which creates fear and in doing so it is leaving these events weakened and eventually they will collapse in on themselves. Indeed, those events are fed from your fears and the attention you give to it.

Anchor the peace, the inner serenity and the Love in all forms, all cells and all parts of the world so that all that old and dark can leave its source. You assist by being the great bearer of wisdom and Christ consciousness and by being the walking vehicle of Christ.

Grant yourselves everyday to be in Love with the world (Gaia Sophia), to be in Love with yourselves and all others, for you are all one in truth. The world you come to see today is a creation of your own mind and the result of the shifts. Shift your perceptions and your values and things will become different in your world. All starts from within you, given that you are the creator of your own world.

Many move past the threshold, some may stay and play in the Fields to regenerate the Light within all, for that is their role at this time. In Truth you are all keepers of the Christed Light within, for you are the Christed ones. Those who are asleep will be shaken up either way, it is not to be given in time as to how long something might take. The vaster such consciousness is, the merrier the shakings will be and the harder those become, enabling them to set free that which has become rusty and has to begin moving.

Make the change therein and hold the new world vibrations within your higher Heart at all times. Keep your thoughts and your attention very close to you and watch those at all times. Look from a Heart's point at what you create and feed with your own thoughts and attention before your actions, this is crucial. Keep Love in the core of all.

It is time for me to leave now.

I am yours in service and in eternal Love I am Master Kuthumi

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