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Message From ACEA Part 2 : 2-13-15 - Releasing Fear


Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 1-17-99

Dear Readers, This message was received on 1-17-99. The fact that know I can, and am guided to, share it on my Blog attests to how far we have really come within our ascension process. It is easy for all of us to become impatient that it has taken us years, decades to come this far.

The reality is that it has taken us lifetimes and multiple incarnations that span hundreds, thousands of years and millennia. We are so deeply honored that we are able to hold an earth vessel during this amazing time. Of course, far too often it is more fearful than amazing.

Releasing Fear

Beloved Ones, we of ACEA have returned,
Are you ready for your next adventure with fifth dimensional earth? We know that your mind has experienced difficulty in centering due to the illusion of hardships. You have chosen to dedicate yourself to the process of consciously stepping into the fifth dimension and you must choose to consecrate a large portion of your “time” to accomplishing what you have set out for yourself.

Do you remember how you dedicated virtually all of your time for your initiations in your other Initiate Lives? However in those lives you did not have to “go to work”, “pay your bills”, or “do the wash”. All of your attention, all of the time, was dedicated to your process of ascension into the higher dimensions.

In the Mystery School of your present space/time quadrant, you must take care of your mundane life while you ALSO progress on your spiritual path. There are some, of course, who have chosen to create a life in which they do not have to “work”. However, if your mission for many of you to teach others how to walk the road into the fifth dimension while living their every day life. However, you must learn it before you can teach it.

Many of you who have chosen to walk this path have also chosen to not work too hard. Unfortunately, this choice depletes your finances. However, many of you have a belief that one must “work hard” to make money. Since what you believe in your mind, you live in your life, you may wish to change that belief. Allow us to teach you how LOVE of what you desire will allow your desire to become manifest.

The first lesson to remember in your mission of integrating the fifth dimension into your everyday, mundane life is to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality. If there is still fear embedded in your consciousness, your higher self will create an external situation in your life to bring that fear to the surface. Have faith that you are on your path and that EVERY experience, even if it is unpleasant, is a component of that path.

From the fifth dimension, you have complete access to the “lower” vibrations of your consciousness. See yourself now walking down the stairs into the cave of your forgotten fears. Gather them all about you and bring them to the surface. If you voluntarily bring your fears to the surface of your consciousness on a consistent and regular basis, you will not need to create drama in your life to bring them forward.

Oh yes, there it is, the fear of not being good enough. That old fear that the third dimension instilled in so many of your will come into your life when you are ready to step into the world and expose yourself. You wounded ego will then want to create a situation which will stop you from moving forward with your mission.

Therefore, look at these situations as “initiations.” The path of ascension has many initiations in which the component of your persona who are unable to follow through with your process of ascension can be released.

This “release” is simply the act of “letting go” of that, which stands in the way of your return path to the fifth dimension. It is important that NO judgment is placed on your self or on others. Just know that all parts of your reality have a “season.” When that season is over, then it is the NOW to release that component of your self.

There is also the fear that you will not be taken care of. That fear has many faces, but most of faces are those of your childhood. Love you inner child and promise him or her that YOU will take care of your own inner child. Then, make sure that you attend to your own innocence and needs for attention, love and acceptance. Be sure to fulfill those needs for your self.

Look now for one final fear. Yes, it is the fear of corruptibility. If you go into the world and have success, will you then become tainted and unable to stay spiritually pure? In addition, will your life be filled with doing things you do not want to do, or that you are afraid of doing

See these fears now and LOVE them. You are good enough, you can depend on yourself, and on us, and you will NOT be corrupted. You, all of you, will complete your mission. BELIEVE IT—LOVE IT. Trust your inner vision. TRUST the universe and TRUST your SELF.

Now, you are ready for another journey into fifth dimensional earth? Imagine that you are walking by an ocean or large body of water. We say walking by water, as water is a major component of your human body. Infants are born with about 75% of their body being water. By one year of age, that amount drops to about 65%. As adults, about 60% of your bodies are water, and pregnant woman are closer to 70% of their body being water.

In the same manner, about 71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. But water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and even in people, animals and plants.

Water is vital for your survival. Hence we ask you to walk along the ocean. As you continue your walk into the fifth dimension, you begin to realize how the ocean is subtly different. It glistens and sparkles in colors that are just a bit different from your third dimensional ocean. Do you see the ocean’s aura? Is it not beautiful?

The ocean’s aura radiates all the way up to the stratosphere. The assignment of the whales and dolphins is to clear the ocean’s aura. It is the assignment of humans to clear the land’s aura. As you walk along the beach, observe how you can clear the land’s aura. Walk right at the ocean’s edge so you can better feel the aura of the land meeting the ocean. Is it not a delicious blend?

A large component of becoming fifth dimensional is being totally conscious of your higher senses. To do this, you must guard against becoming frightened and anxious in your mundane world. When you are afraid, remember that your Soul is assisting you to become fifth dimensional by creating a drama that brings forward EVERY hidden fear.

It is the hidden fears that drop your vibration because you are not aware enough to balance them with love. When your vibration drops, you are lowered out of the fifth dimension. On the other hand, when your vibration rises, your consciousness becomes more fifth dimensional.

Now to continue our fifth dimensional walk, stoop down and feel the sand. It feels different because instead of being very small pieces of sand, dirt, shells, and rock, the “sand” is actually small bits of crystal. See how the sand glistens when the sun reflects through it.

Now step into the water up to your ankles. See how perfectly clear it is and feel how the water’s vibration is very calming and soothing. As you relaxation you imagination into the fifth dimensional reality of walking in the ocean, you gradually realize that this fifth dimensional water is actually liquid light Listen now.
As the liquid light meets with the crystal sand there is a soft melody and a rainbow of fifth dimensional colors…

Now look at your fifth dimensional hand before your face…

See how your hand of light sparkles like the crystal sand. As you move your hand, it leaves a trail of rainbow colors behind it. Look at the trail and see how you can change the colors with your mind…

Now touch your third dimensional heart with your fifth dimensional hand…

Feel how it heals your fears…

As you move throughout your day, be aware of every second of fear and instantly heal it by placing your fifth dimensional hand upon your third dimensional heart.

That is all for today. Visit the ocean, or other bodies of water, to perceive it fifth dimensionally.


We of ACEA return to speak with you,

We appreciate the difficulty that you are having in allowing ALL of your hidden fears to rise to the surface. Of course, you have discovered that your hidden fears are the same ones that you always knew about—only deeper.

By deeper we mean, they are fears that are a component of your primal nature—your animal self. Your animal self looks down at what you should do. That is the problem on the third dimension—sometimes you get so involved in what is happening on the ground that you forget to look up.

If you want to return to the higher dimensions, you will have to be willing to completely “let go” of the physical world. This is very difficult because it feels just like dying. However, in your conscious mind you cannot remember dying. Therefore, the experience ignites your deep unconscious mind where the memory of death (and birth) lives.

In many lives, you died with fear in your consciousness. Therefore, just before you get to the place of totally letting go, the fear of death comes to the surface of your consciousness. This experience can be very confusing because it doesn’t appear to your conscious, third dimensional mind that you are dying, and you cannot understand why you are having such extreme fear.

To consciously step into the fifth dimension, that is, without dying, you will have to heal every experience in every third and fourth dimensional life in which you died in fear. Now we know that sounds like a monumental task, but you do not have to look at each of those lives individually.

You can work on a feeling level by allowing yourself to consciously feel the sum total of all your experiences of dying in fear. You will allow the feeling to come forward as long as you can stand it, and then you will break off the drama and recover while you balance that fear with love. Remember that you are in control.

You are choosing to confront your fear for as long as you can. Bravely stand in the fear that the “problem” uncovers. NOW, choose to “turn off the fear” by choosing another experience. The catch here is that third dimensional life has taught you how to create difficulties, but has fallen short in teaching you how to create happiness and love.

However, it is the task of the third dimension to create difficult situations so that you will be forced to look up into the sky (higher dimensions) to find the answer. This answer is always LOVE. Love will raise your consciousness above the illusion of the third dimension and allow you to remember who you truly are.

You are all great light beings who have journeyed to the third dimension at this special time to assist the Gaia with Her Ascension. For myriad lives, Gaia has served as a schoolroom for your training of fifth dimensional beings of light. Now it is your turn to assist Her and yourselves as well. When you return into the fifth dimension, you will experience the fulfillment of your destiny.

We are with you,


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