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Archangel Michael: Let Us Create Peace On Earth On Feb.14, 2015

Hot off the presses! AAM suggests that it is time for us to dream big and expect prompt results by a date certain! Go figure... 
DT the ET

In a move that was decidedly surprising and an instance of co-creation and sacred partnership between the Company of Heaven above and their colleagues below, Archangel Michael and I (and Graham Dewyea and Linda Dillon), in the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel, agreed to join together in a common intention that February 14, 2015 be the day on which all hostilities will end on Earth and world peace will reign again.

In Part 1, we’ll look at his opening remarks in which he begs us to join him in ushering in world peace. This part is posted in total.

In Part 2, we’ll have excerpts from the rest of the transcript in which the date by which peace will occur is decided: Feb. 14, 2015, a most beloved day. No better a day would I choose for the end of every kind of hostilities – from, war to family violence. The transcript as a whole will be posted on Friday’s blogroll.

For my part, the decision to take a stand on the date arose as a wave that built and built as the interview progressed.  It became clear that Archangel Michael was announcing what the Company of Heaven had only been hinting at until now, that hostilities really would end on a day, in an instant, so to speak.

The thought arose in me, “If we don’t do this [creating world peace] now, when will we do it? If we don’t take full advantage of this discussion we’re having right now, when might we have another opportunity like this?”  In that moment, I overcame the worry of looking like a fool and suggested a deadline.

This agreement for the manifestation of world peace aligns with the Divine Plan, as described by AAM elsewhere, that these matters need not take years, that a change of heart can happen in a millisecond. “Each of you,” he said, “at different times in your life, has experienced a change of heart. … And your change of heart happened in a moment, in a millisecond, in a heartbeat.” (1)
It takes in what SaLuSa said:

“Do not be concerned about the group known as Isis, as their success is soon to be brought to a sudden halt when they shall be unable to continue with their war against the people of Earth.”
“When the time is right we shall put a stop to warlike activities, and all that is associated with such intentions. We are here to bring lasting peace to Earth and her people, and to assist you to take your place alongside us.” (2)
In his preliminary comments, below, he explains what he means by world peace, lays out what it should result in, and makes his plea to us to come join him in creating it.

He and I and the whole Nova Earth team now invite you and all of humanity to join with us in our intention to have world peace manifest on Feb. 14, 2015.

Thanks to Ellen N., who stayed up late in Scotland to furnish us with a transcript.

Ordinarily we’d wait to issue the transcript until after the broadcast, but Feb. 14 is coming soon, AAM’s word needs to get out to a lot of people, and it’s too important to wait. Please reproduce freely any articles you see on the blog dealing with “World Peace by Feb. 14, 2015.”

An Hour with an Angel, Pre-Record, Feb. 3, 2015 – Part 1

In your palm and in the realm of the Omniverse, in the realm of my mission and purpose, (3) I come this day – yes, once again but perhaps never in such an earnest manner – to ask each of you and all people, my beloved lightworkers, lightholders, listeners to this hour with an archangel, I am asking you to create and to co-create with me in this moment Peace On Earth.

There has been great discussion, and of course this is an endless topic, about peace within being the foundation, the anchor for peace without, upon the planet.

My sweet friends, and I say this with incredible urgency, but I come this day with incredible joy, with incredible laughter, sweetness, because I am speaking with some of my dearest friends. But it is within my mission and purpose to create and to co-create with thee this peace.

I do not simply mean the absence of war. … Peace is joy. Peace is love. Peace is harmony and balance and truth. And the ability to create and co-create Nova Earth, Terra Gaia, without one modicum of concern or fear of interference or disturbance, of dissonance.

And I come because of our sacred partnership that is in the fullness and the ripeness of our union and in order for this to fully proceed, my friends, my allies, … all beings, I need your help. I am requesting, from my heart to yours, your help.

Now there is a belief and it is one I would like to eradicate right now that the anchoring, the experience, the fullness of anchoring peace on Earth takes time.

The Mother herself has declared “New Time” and what this means in practical terms (4) is that you, my beloved, friends, Ascension fliers, have reached a point in your evolution where you may fly, move, jump in and out of time, and perhaps shrink time, stretch time.

I preface what I say to you.

Peace on Earth does not need to be an undertaking that takes decades or years.

Think of it in this way. Every day of your human Earth time, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who end their marriages or young beings who leave their homes and they simply say: “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving now.”

Now this may have been percolating for year. It may have been an incident or a series of incidents or simply a grand awakening. They simply say, “Enough. I’m going.” And it is over.

Now the parents of the child or the child who leaves may cling to the past and try to create a drama out of this situation. But in essence once the decision is made, the relationship is disintegrated.

Because in your hearts, your minds, your will, your physical actions, you say: “That’s it, I’ve had enough. It’s over.”

Now there may be practicalities to be worked out – where do I live? Clean up the bank account? Child custody? Visitation?

But these are simply actions that follow a deep, heart-conscious, unconscious, subconscious human decision.

I use this illustration not of heartbreak but of the declaration of freedom. It is one of the best examples of human beings saying “I require peace. I demand, I choose, I claim to have peace in my life and heart that I may experience love.”

I am asking you, as your beloved brother, as your partner in this undertaking, for Gaia herself, for the inter-galactics who assist thee, and the entire Company of Heaven, I am asking you to become peace portals, peace mongers, peace-holders – to be the embodiment, within and without, right now, of peace.

Think of yourself as a portal because you are and allow the breezes, not the hurricane, not the storm, but the gentle blue breezes of peace to simply flow through you. And as they flow through you, they intermingle with your energy and absorb your decision of peace, right now.

All of you – and most certainly all of us – are tired of waiting. You do not tend to think of an archangel or a master reaching the point of being tired of waiting. Thousands and millions of years pass and still we wait and hold and infuse.

Most of you do not have a genuine, authentic memory of what peace looks, smells, tastes, and feels like, it has been that long, upon sweet Gaia, since peace truly reigned.

We are talking of no war, no side-skirmishes, no racism, no gender inequality, no family violence, no institutional violence. (5)

I know the magnitude of what I ask of thee, each of you this day. But I also know, my beloved friends, that you are as ready as we are. And you are ready, not merely to claim your birthright of peace, but to be the anchors of peace.

So declare it with me now and allow this to flow through you, as you become the fulness of this peace portal, it flows to every being close to you and far, far away.

Breathe in the peace and exhale the love, exhale the joy, exhale the balance, the harmony. You have been granted these divine qualities by the Divine Mother herself. They are innate to your very being.
Let’s put them to work!

(1) “Archangel Michael: Prepare for the Celebration – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, August 19, 2013 at
(2) SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2015, at
(3) I had it on my question paper to ask him: “What is your own mission and marching orders from the Mother in relation to the end times?”  This is an example of him answering my questions before I ask them. Nevertheless I did ask for more details later in the program.
(4) He now answers a second question from my question paper: “What is the meaning and what are the implications of what the Divine Mother called ‘New Time?'”
(5) He furnishes us with a list to compare results to.

In this second part of the interview, Archangel Michael agrees to a deadline for peace on Earth: Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2015. What follows are excerpts from the overall interview.
Please see that this account gets circulated widely. You’ve seen Archangel Michael, SaLuSa, and the Divine Mother talk about the fact that hostilities would end abruptly. It looks like Feb. 14, 2015 is the day they end.
Thanks here too to Ellen N., who stayed up late to furnish us with a transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, Pre-Record, Feb. 3, 2015 – Part 2
Steve Beckow: Has most of the karma that’s being played out in the Middle East now been completed?

AAM: I will answer that in this way. I will say “yes” and “no.”

Has there been vast improvement? The terror that has reigned in the Middle East for a very long time is dissipating. One of the reasons it’s dissipating is the human acknowledgment, the human exhaustion, the human recognition that this does not work. It is not viable. It is not applicable.

Does it allow the explosion of the worst part of the human psyche? Yes. Is it being remedied? The answer is yes!

Now long ago we had talked about doing the meditation for karmic dispensation and most of you have done this. What we would recommend is that you do this meditation – and you can choose: you can take countries or tribes or situations – take them along with you to the Karmic Board and allow them to receive the karmic dispensation and erasure that can take place and finish this off rapidly. That will contribute mightily to the peace brigade.

SB : That’s a wonderful idea. Has our frequency as a planet and as lightworkers reached a high enough level where the Reval and the historic bonds and the prosperity packages can now flow?

AAM: Yes. Now let me also explain, when the Divine Mother spoke to you – and I know as your brother, and I speak to all of you – new techniques, new tools, expansion tools are being given to you – to explore the multiverse. Your universe alone would be magnificent.

[She has invited you] to claim, to bring in and to anchor in physical reality that which is your birthright, that which you desire, that which you are co-creating both together and with us – that invitation was in fact a declaration by the Mother and certainly thereby by the entire Company of Heaven, and the Council of Love, and everybody else throughout the multiverse, is that your evolutionary progress had reached a point where we were not telling you to sit still and pull in. …
The frequency of the human race, the vibratory rate – we will not get too scientific for you – has reached a point where you are able to create, co-create and, yes, receive.

That is why, my beloved, on why there is so much emphasis on creation, tangible creation, so you are readily-prepared not just to deal with spiritual currency, but what you think of as physical currency – money, gold, resources, it matters not.

But your piece of this, in bringing this abundance flow forth, is creating, not here and there, but every day. That is why I have asked you… And can you imagine? Yes, I am ready and you are ready to create peace on Earth.

But think of this in association to the practical question you are asking: “When, not if, when we create peace on Earth in the space of a day – yes, that is what I am asking. Think: there is no more need for subterfuge. All the behind-the-scenes drama of control, greed and lust is gone. Billions and billions, zillions, of dollars are freed up. And abundance flows.

Your job is not to understand the multitude of variables at work; that is our job. But you tend to separate or categorize – because it is more manageable and that is understood – this is financial abundance; this is [the prosperity] programs; this is RV; this is spiritual; this is peace work; this is co-creation and [inaudible].

These are all connected as one. So when you say to me, is there a Revaluation, and note that I will also say “Re-evaluation of financial systems underway.” I say “yes” because it is a re-evaluation of all the systems. It is not just one thread. It is all the threads and it is the people saying “Enough!” …

Dear hearts, you have already seen your emperors have no clothes.

So are you ready at vibratory rate? The answer is yes. …

So it is starting what you think of as small. But at the same time you are declaring and allowing this energy, this energy of “Enough!” in every sense of that word. I am using that word very specifically. You are letting that energy of “Enough!” move through you.

And particles – air – move through you and then they expel out into the entire planet, much the same as your voice does. You tend to think that the range of your voice, oh, if you really speak up, is perhaps a few hundred yards.

The vibration of your voice, of your out-loud declaration, is heard around the entire planet – and beyond. …

There is no more important task on the planet of Gaia in this moment than the creation of physical, tangible, peace. That will be tangible. You will be able to witness it. You will be able to see people put down their guns, to stop beating their children, to turn to their neighbours in consideration and helpfulness, kindness.

This is a tangible creation of Nova Earth and it is the most important step in this phase.
Is it what you would think of as the next step or the next feeling of Nova Earth? Yes.

Then what you are doing is you are beginning to anchor institutions, structures, ways of work, ways of play, ways of family, ways of doing business, that are in alignment with the future Cities of Light – which are very close – which are in alignment energetically, telepathically, heart, with your Star brothers and sisters, with the Ascended Masters, so that we can all show up. Those are the next steps.

SB: Any steps after that?

AAM: There will always be more! [Laughter]

SB: Dream big! [Laughter]

AAM: Dream big! But yes, do not forget, this is a template for this Universe. …

As [this] is the Truth, as [this] is the templates, the grid, then it is ready to be replicated in other planetary systems.

And each of you will be pivotal in helping to do that. (1)

SB: So that’s a Stage 2, isn’t it? That after we’ve crossed the finish line, after there’s a spirit of unity that prevails around the planet, unitive consciousness, then we take what we’ve learned to other Star systems, is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: And not only do we do it geographically, i.e. take it to other Star systems, but we’ll be taking it to future ascensions, in higher dimensions as not a template but a foundation upon which they can build, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, because that template is multidimensional, is trans-dimensional, is higher realm, is telepathic, mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication. …

You tend to think, “oh, this sounds like a long project”. The project could be completed, not just metaphorically or in a blink of the Mother/Father’s eyes, but in a blink of your eyes.

It can happen as rapidly as you collectively are choosing. It does not need to take years. That is old thinking. …

Perhaps not a millisecond, because I do not wish you to think that I do not honour the human form. But what if you say that this month, this year, this is done?

SB: And ‘this is done’ refers to what, Lord? ‘This is done’?

AAM: This transformation, the series of creations that you and we… let us say, and I am saying, “Peace on Earth” – the declaration of “we have had enough”!

SB: Why don’t we make a deadline, a date?

AAM: Yes, because you are very good at setting deadlines and meeting them!

SB: Well, yes, thank you!

AAM: All of you.

SB: But also, without deadlines we can’t coordinate.

AAM: Without deadlines you cannot coordinate. But it is also the framework within which you have been set up. On the 30th, I pay my rent. On the 10th, I receive my pay check. When I am in Grade 3, I should be able to read. When I am in Grade 12, I am going to graduate.

So you have these frameworks that are associated to time. So setting a deadline is a very good idea.

SB: Alright. What is the deadline that we should set for the cessation? I am going to let you define it, Lord. I was going to say ‘the cessation of hostilities, the onset of peace’ but I think I’d better let you define what this deadline would be accomplishing.

AAM: Let us begin… because I do not wish to overwhelm you… right now, by allowing the breeze to pass through your portal. So that is already done.

Let us set the deadline for the cessation of what you think of as ‘war’. Let us set it for Valentine’s. That is our favourite day.

SB: I was going to suggest that and I thought it would be too early. But I love that idea, thank you.
AAM: Let us begin.

SB: I accept.

AAM: And you have just declared that you accept on behalf of all listeners, all lightworkers, all loveholders. And dear heart, we accept!

I thank you because this is the request I have brought to the table this day.

SB: Thank you. As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I accept.

AAM: As a global Gaian, you accept!

SB: Yes I do, thank you. February 14. So, do you recommend that we get involved in inner work, join together in meditation, have marches… What would you recommend?

AAM: No, I am not suggesting that you storm Washington. I am suggesting the inner work, feeling the breeze, my breeze pass through you, that you are a peace portal, not merely a believer in peace, but a peace portal. So everything can flow through you and you are expanding and sending it out.
And yes, a meditation is a good idea, so we will get busy on that.

SB: Alright. Is global meditation the primary route we should take?

AAM: No, it is not either/or. You cannot do either/or. It is both.

SB: Alright. Well, what other activities could we engage in to ritualise, dramatise and actualise Peace on Earth by February 14?

AAM: Spread the word, dear heart. Spread the good news. So will I.

SB: Okay, very good. So the mere coordinating of this through writing and communication is probably…

AAM: It’s an action and a declaration. Use the word ‘enough’.

SB: ‘Enough’. Okay, thank you I will. Well, I am all equipped, and thank you for that.

AAM: Yes, you are!

SB: Now that’s a creation!

AAM: That is a creation, a tangible creation, an ambitious creation, that you and we can do together.

SB: We’ve … created a context right now, have we not? The context is “Peace on Earth by February 14, 2015”?

AAM: You have created the entire context. I have created the context. The Mother is waiting.

SB: Right, okay. So now, the next step for us is to communicate it?

AAM: That is correct. To communicate it, and for all involved to do. So think of it as the doing. It is internal work, it is external work, but it is an action.

SB: Right. Now, it needs to be peaceful, right, obviously?

AAM: It has to be peaceful.

SB: It has to be peaceful. How can you achieve peace without being peaceful?

AAM: You cannot force peace down someone’s throat. But you can gently let the breeze flow through them. They will never know.

No, it is not raping somebody to simply give them the gift of peace. Let it flow to them. …
SB: So the real revolution is internal, not like the American Revolution which was external. This revolution is internal, I take it?

AAM: The internal revolution is the most important part because when that takes place, there is no need for upheaval or bloodshed.

SB: We just have a short time, Lord, before we have to go. Let me ask you this last question. Is it correct to say that fear itself is what has to disperse overall before the race is finished, etc. etc. It’s fear?

AAM: It is fear. It is fear. It is that fear that freezes and does not allow the energy to move in the way it wants to flow.

SB: Right. Okay. Well, we are going to have to end there. I hear the music. Thank you so much for this discussion, Lord. It’s just chalk full of the most valuable information. Thank you!

AAM: Then let us begin, dear friends!

SB: You bet!

AAM: Let us begin! And thank you. Thank each and every one of you. Farewell.

SB: Thank you Lord. Farewell.

(1) I said elsewhere that I thought we’d all have big parts to play in the next Ascension and Archangel Michael confirms it here. See “Alchemy, Envisioning and Other Experiments in Being – Part 2/2,” February 4, 2015, at

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