Sunday, February 8, 2015

Great Divine Director: Full Moon Greetings!

It is with great pleasure that I address you all today. I AM the Great Divine Director, a cosmic being who has long worked with the evolution of your planet and people.

We are entering a new phase of expansion, new for everyone, including those who have been consciously attending their spiritual development for many years.

As boundaries are pushed and moved through, some of you may be experiencing feelings of trepidation due to the unfamiliarity of the region in which some of you now find yourself. You have entered new territory in this planet-wide ascension. You are going where many angels would fear to tread, dear ones. You are the brave. You were chosen and choose yourselves for this journey into wonder and are now accomplishing more than you realize.

Each of you is in the process of waking up to your own power, wisdom and love, to the hidden qualities of divinity that have been well-hidden within the reservoirs of spirit. You are waking up to your true identity, that of a human angel.

Although you are sometimes intellectually aware of the magnitude and experiencing glimmerings of understandings of what is occurring, your human self still has a tendency to shut down in denial and resistance. “This cannot be me!” we hear some of you cry out during the darker periods of self-doubt. Ah, my dears, it is you… it is all of you that is coming online, as individuals and as a collective humanity, one being from many - many from one being.

We rejoice in your triumphs, support you in your darkest moments of doubt, and heal you when you give us permission to work with your energies, inspire your visions and feed you tidbits of wisdom that you eagerly incorporate into your waking consciousness.

Your journey has not been an easy one, although for some, it is beginning to ease somewhat in response to your loosening your once tight grip on old beliefs and ways of being that once served you well, but have been found to be no longer effective. Let go of the old ways, the old energies and paradigms, the belief systems, whether they be esoteric or exoteric. The new energies, the heightened frequencies of the planet and that which you carry within your own bodies no longer supports the old. It is time and beyond time to adopt the new and to explore the unknown.

Self-acceptance moves into self-trust, as you learn to listen to the inner teacher. Self-trust blossoms into self-love (Christ Consciousness) as you begin to comprehend that you carry these high frequencies within your own bodies. You are acting as transformers for the planet and its diversity of life forms, including that of the human population, anchoring the succeeding waves of light as they move through your space.

Your body and consciousness are in the midst of great change. It is inevitable that you experience moments of feeling confused, even challenged, but your positive fiery spirit will prevail and carry you safely through the unknown seas and onto new lands and experiences.

We admire your persistence and fortitude in moving through the physical and emotional aches and pains that many of you have encountered upon your journey. We do not promise that these things will end tomorrow, as the light must be gradually accepted into your body as it adapts and adjusts accordingly, following the promptings of its own inner wisdom.

Each of your cells, each molecule of your being is filled with intelligence, light-filled, light-motivated, light activated information that is upgraded and delineated by the ongoing and increasingly intense tsunami of Love pressing in upon the world. As the light penetrates deep within the core of your being, your DNA codes are changed and those that have hitherto been “off-line” are now coming on-line, activated by the intense and heightened frequencies.

Most of your DNA, the part of your genetic being that has been dismissed by scientists as being “junk” is now activating and doing so at a rapid rate. By rapid we mean that the evolutionary cycle you are currently undergoing surpasses anything experienced upon this world or others for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years. Your daily experience, your adaptation to the light and to the transformations that each of you are undergoing is astonishing, even to us as we watch in awe to see masters at work.

You are all masters of transformation and manifestation. That is why you are here now. By being here, by being present in a physical vessel, you lend your light and your ability to master and carry even MORE light as the cycle intensifies and goes into the fierce purifying flames of the Divine Feminine, burning away the dross created by centuries of subjugation and repression by misaligned masculine energies.

While your human self may be overwhelmed at times due the seemingly increasing tempo of change, we wish to encourage you, to let you know that you are far exceeding expectations. So be kind to yourself. Allow as much time as you can spare in your daily life for relaxation and rest, in activities that empower and delight, whatever brings relief. Your body needs time to adjust, to rest, and adapt, to step up its ability to carry ever higher frequencies.

Listen to your body. Follow its dictates, even when its needs seem to defy what you have considered to be “spiritual” practices in the past. There is no longer any need for rule books, which only serve to stifle and confuse the inborn and intuitive ability for each of you to come up with creative solutions for everything that appears in your world.

We are delighted to accompany you upon this journey, as your “support” team. Call upon us when you need a little extra push or just some gentle healing energy so you can relax and refresh, to be ready to move on once again, forging that new path into the new world.

I AM the Great Divine Director

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)
©Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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