Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-9-19

Recapping Some Current Mega Stories

Ben's back on his old meds judging by this engaging and intriguing Report; Stop Making Sense:

Italians are waking up by the millions and reclaiming their sovereignty and their gold:

 The ugly truths will out and this dirty laundry really stinks; Holy Swamp Creatures, Batman..:

Vaccine induced autism with a chaser of cross-sex hormone ‘therapy’; these people are Sick and terrified that their Dark Times are coming to an end - So Be It:

This case is about to bust open and decimate the ranks of satanic minions world wide:

[DS] MSM NXIVM Coverage Obfuscates, Euphemizes and Soft Peddles Child Predation; 3 Min.:

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